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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Here some pictures, thanks to Doug Stanton.





The first drop will most likely be finished my the end of this week because the big crane will not have to be moved until the second hill and there were reports of cement trucks under Deer Park Plunge, so I am guessing that those footers are done, but only time will tell...

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That's what you'd like to happen, but I'd bet at most one more piece will be put in this week. With the IAAPA group coming in and them having to move the cranes and do all of the electrical and controls work on the lift, I doubt much will happen this week. Needless to say I probably won't head over this week.

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Well, the lift is only 5 pieces (three big "strait" pieces and two smaller curved pieces at the top)


^You're probably used to California's crazy earthquake codes!


Are they that much more strict? Silver bullet has 6 and it's 50ish feet lower. Riddler's has 9 and it's 40+ feet less. I guess in comparison our coasters realy look dense compared to like rides on the east coast.


Eh... just a stupid observation.


Guy "It just looks unusual to me." Koepp

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that first pic of the "guest" being greeted by tweety bird was me!!!!! haha, that was when the security guard asked to see what metal objects i had so i was holding my cell phone and my sister's hand is floating to the right side pointing at tweety bird's butt...crazy...the paparazi love me!


:edit: it was on page 3...

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It's nice to see B&M have their coasters go right into the first drop instead of that little hump thing they've done for years. I know it was meant for the train to disengage the lift chain, but never understood why they couldn't do like everyone else.



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Hey everyone,


Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but SFOG has been updating their site with a few new construction photos:




It was topped off on Friday. Here's a sampe of some of the photos:


Here was the top of the lift before it was put into place.


From the bottom of the lift looking up.


Tons and tons of steel are needed to create A GIANT Among Coasters.


Good birds eye view of the construction site.


And into place at 200 feet!


Up she goes!


Crews prepare one of the highest pieces for its ascent.

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I'm not a fan of Apollo at all. IMO, it's the worst of the B&M hypers. In fact, it's probably one of my least favorite hypers overall. There really isn't much airtime on it, and what is there is what I consider "floaty" like the camelback on SFMM's Goliath. BORING in my opinion.


Not that's it's a "bad" ride, becuase, there are tons of vekoma SLC's and Boomerangs that are much worse, but it's probably not even in my top 100.


--Robb "The other B&M's produce much more extreme airtime....even Silver Star when we rode this year!" Alvey

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