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  1. Awesome pics, thanks for posting them! About Hades, didn't Nick Laskaris (sp?) say he was purchasing a 6th car for it, and even a second train? Looked as if neither of those things happened. Is it coming later in the year or has it been scrapped? Can't wait to ride Hades again!
  2. LOL! I read the BK story...literally almost the EXACT SAME THING happened to my friends and I after a day at BGT back in Jan. It was seriously awful in there, I could not believe they were not closed down. Ran out of BURGERS!!!! HOW DO YOU DO THAT WHEN YOU ARE *BURGER KING*! God, what a craphole. Never again! JC
  3. Very cool idea! I'll be a part of this as well as we just need more things to hang up in our office (it's a bit Cedar Fair-ized in here, with all the poster calendars from the parks ). Don't have any to trade right now, but SFoG in less than two weeks, SFMM and SFMW in three weeks, and also SFNE, SFGAd, SFDL in June/July. I'm gonna be needing some of you Texans and Midwesterners soon! Joe C.
  4. Of course not, that was the most hideous picture ever taken, I couldn't even tell what is was a pic of!
  5. OMG I haven't laughed that hard in a couple of days... Effing hysterical! My fav was the pic of DV behind the rusty gates...L O L!
  6. Agreed, it's different than the same ol' blue and red found on *way* too many coasters nowadays....this changes it up a lil' bit. Not to mention I love the station, I think it looks really classy. The ride looks great, too! Don't think I'm riding it this year, since I'm waiting to hit SDC/Celeb City, too. JC
  7. ^LOL to ankle shackles! That is such a great description. About Goliath....it's THE DEAL! I was lucky to ride it over sixty times on Media Day and another 14 or so times yesterday (4/1/06) and it absolutely blew me away. Far surpasses my expectations, something that isn't easy to do! Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Nitro (hello, hi, my screenname is NitroJoe). This certainly is a different beast than Nitro, with some similarities. The airtime is defintiely more abrupt and forceful on Goliath. The environments are similar in the fact they both go off to "isolated locations". To show how much I enjoyed it, the line was about 45mins most of the day on opening day. My friends and I rode Superman once, GASM once, and Acrophobia about four times (two were with exit passes). Everything else was for Goliath, and this was after over 60 rides! Anyhoo, I hate when rides are hyped up a lot so I'll stop and let everyone enjoy the amazingness that is Goliath. Joe "yay I have a new top five coaster!" C.
  8. I'm not trying to answer for Robb, but the trains on El Toro will vary from those previously built Intamin woodies. They have "giovanola" esque lap bars, and "wings" at about shoulder height. JC
  9. Like Silverstar at Europa Park this hyper B&M got brakes on most of the hills . Most of the hills? It has exactly *one* trim brake on the entire ride. Overreact, much? JC
  10. ^At the very least you could trim Thunderhead in the station fly-thru... JC EDIT: Actually now thinking of it, you could trim almost every single GCI made. Off the top of my head, I know the two ROAR's have large-ish bunny type hills in the middle of the ride you could put a trim on, Lightning Racer has straight track coming into the "waterfall" area, and Gwazi has straight first drops, and also a few straight bunny hills along each course. GCI's aren't immune to future trimming.
  11. Um, the drop supports are obviously not all completed on the new 4D...the reason they look so spaced out is because the one that is done isn't the apex of the drop. I still say the first drop will be extremely similar, if not the exact same, as X's, save for a good two stories taller.
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