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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I wrote the chorus to a new song about 20 minutes ago. It's a different style than usual as this would be more of a pop-punk or alternative rock song as opposed to hard rock like I usually write. It's called "Our Beautiful Life".


Hey! Don't you know we had everything?

Hey! You wasted such a good thing

Now! You got me under the knife

What have you done to our beautiful life?


Hey! I tried to make it work

Hey! You tried to make me hurt

Now! I'm trying to make it right

All we have left of our beautiful life

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Ever since Freshman year of college, I've had to find a new apartment every year thanks to a roommate either graduating, or wanting to find a new apartment. After the third time I had to move out, I decided to find an apartment where tenants each pay for just a bedroom (plus utilities) and have a shared kitchen; that way, if somebody were to move out, I don't have to rush to find a new roommate before I'm slapped with the phenomenally increased rent fee. I found a place with three bedrooms and a decent price, and I moved in last month. Upon moving in, I discovered that one of the other bedrooms was unoccupied, and the guy I was currently living with was moving out by the end of the first week of the semester. So now, after all the roommate problems I've had to go through, I now have none. While it is a bit more lonely, at least nobody's drunk friends can raid through my food.

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