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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Debating purchasing the student price $19.99 per month Adobe Creative Cloud. I desperately need a new professional video editor, and really want to use Adobe Lightroom. Final Cut Pro X looks too much like iMovie, and I loathe iMovie.

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Apparently, starting college isn't enough to stop horrid procrastination habits.


So here I sit, at 10 PM, with Comms chapter questions due tomorrow, a speech to prepare for two weeks in advance, two midterms (Computer Science, First Year Seminar) to study for this coming week, a mandatory sexual harassment online class to finish, and an incomplete resume sitting in my documents, playing Cookie Clicker.


I think I have a problem. But on the other hand, I'm producing 4.3 billion cookies per second, and things are only looking up.


Update: It's midnight, I still haven't done anything. I discovered a playthrough of a board game called Agricola and got engrossed. Also, got an extra 500 million C/s.

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What if Cedar Fair bought Magic Mountain and re-named every single roller coaster? This is what they would be re-named:


Apocalypse: Dinosaur Salvation: The Ride

Batman: Flight Deck

Canyon Blaster: Cosmic Coaster

Colossus: Rebel Racer

Full Throttle: Jr. Gemini

Goldrusher: Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Goliath: Intimidator

Green Lantern: Greenhawk

Magic Flyer: Gemini

Ninja: Iron Vortex

Revolution: Loop

Riddler's Revenge: Mantis's's's Revenge

Road Runner Express: Jr. Gemini to the Second Power

Scream!: Dominator??

Superman: Escape from Krypton: Flight: Escape from Jr. Gemini

Tatsu: Orangehawk

Viper: Snake

X2: Spinning Roller Coaster

2014 coaster: Millennium Force Plus Fourteen Years

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