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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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What if Six Flags bought Cedar Point and re-named every single roller coaster? This is what they would be re-named:

Note: the ones that say "same name" would have the name they already have


Cedar Creek Mine Ride: same name

Corkscrew: Viper

BlueStreak: same name

GateKeeper: Tatsu

Iron Dragon: Ninja

Millennium Force: Superman Ride of Steel

Raptor: Batman The Ride

Top Thrill Dragster: Goliath

Wicked Twister: V2 Vertical Velocity

Gemini: Colossus

Maverick: Green Lantern

Mean Streak: Psyclone

Jr. Gemini: Jr. Colossus

Woodstock Express: Roadrunner Express

Magnum XL-200: Ohio Giant

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