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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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What if Cedar Fair bought Magic Mountain and re-named every single roller coaster? This is what they would be re-named:


Apocalypse: Dinosaur Salvation: The Ride

Batman: Flight Deck

Canyon Blaster: Cosmic Coaster

Colossus: Rebel Racer

YOLOcoaster: Jr. Gemini

Goldrusher: Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Goliath: Intimidator

Green Lantern: Greenhawk

Magic Flyer: Gemini

Ninja: Iron Vortex

Revolution: Loop

Riddler's Revenge: Mantis's's's Revenge

Road Runner Express: Jr. Gemini to the Second Power

Scream!: Dominator??

Superman: Escape from Krypton: Flight: Escape from Jr. Gemini

Tatsu: Orangehawk

Viper: Snake

X2: Spinning Roller Coaster

2014 coaster: Millennium Force Plus Fourteen Years


But, seriously here's my list of what the coaster of Magic Mountain would be if Cedar Fair bought them, the ones that say "same name" would have the name they already have


Apocalypse: Same Name

Batman: Banshee

Canyon Blaster: Blacklot Canyon Coaster

Colossus: Same Name

YOLOcoaster: Windjammer

Goldrusher: Same Name

Goliath: Intimidator

Green Lantern: Riccochiet

Magic Flyer: Woodstock Express

Ninja: Iron Dragon

Revolution: Same Name

Riddler's Revenge: Vortex

Road Runner Express: Cosmic Coaster

Scream!: Dominator

Superman: Escape from Krypton: Demon Drop

Tatsu: Phoenix

Viper: Steel Venom

X2: X-Scream

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