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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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A little something I put together. I hope you enjoy.



If a corkscrew means more to you than a bottle of fine wine

and your arms are always in the air with no time left to dine.

While the sun is quickly setting, up the lift hill you will climb

'cause you always have to ride this roller coaster one more time.


And you know the beemers forceless even though it's gonna run

while the Intamins just sitting underneath the Summer sun.

And the crowds are filling up the queue to Jubilee Odyssey

'cause they don't know there are better things out there than SLC.


The word woodie means more to you than your friends will ever know

while they're laughing you see Cyclone and your eyes begin to glow.

You think giga, you think hyper, and you dream of RMC.

They're just stuck in their small world of perverse depravity.


If vacation times are filled with terms like air and gravity

While the wooden credit makes an intracranial cavity.

And a coaster means more to you than a sweet and scentful hug,

then you better watch your wallet cause you've surely caught the bug.

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