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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Okay ... somebody please explain to me what the heck has happened to Dr Pepper?? Used to be full flavoured and stuff, but now it's all weak and watery and ... really it's like a former shadow of itself it's like as if the flavour's been completely sucked out of it!


I remember the days when I was in America visiting my cousin, sitting on the dock of the canal in Corpus Christi sipping on a Dr Pepper soda .... ahhhhh now THOSE were the days when it tasted really nice ...


Please ... bring back the Dr Pepper I used to know


(Mind you I'm an Aussie .. and yes I absolutely LOVE this stuff!)

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If you use Outlook and are looking for a new way to interface with Twitter, you might want to check out TwInBox.



The nicest feature that I use is Search/Track/Group. If you want to track all tweets that have coaster in them or the hashtag #coaster, for example, you can setup a search filter and have it go directly to an Outlook folder. What's even better is that it doesn't limit the search to people you are following but all of Twitter.


Other programs have let me search by hashtag or a word, but if there are a bunch of tweets, it's a pain to go back very far. This program keeps each tweet like it's an email so it is easy to go back through the list as I have time, which is sometimes only once a month or so. One tag I track has thousands of tweets in the corresponding folder from the past few months from people all over the world.

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