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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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I know they stopped America's space shuttle program, but I would really like for a really good roller coaster to be themed to a space shuttle. Japan has plenty, and I don't see enough in America. Off the top of my head, Top Thrill Dragster or Dare Devil Dive would probably work if they were re-themed to such things, but that's just wishful thinking I guess.

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^ Naw.


Animals' Group Names:


Apes: a shrewdness

Badgers: a cete

Bats: a cauldron

Bears: a sloth or sleuth

Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy

Cats: a clowder, pounce or glaring; for kittens: a kindle, litter or intrigue

Dogs: a litter (puppies), pack (wild) or cowardice (curs)

Donkeys: a pace

Elephants: a parade

Elk: a gang

Ferrets: a business

Fox: a leash, skulk or earth

Giraffes: a tower

Goats: a tribe or trip

Gorillas: a band

Hippopotamuses: a bloat or thunder

Hyenas: a cackle

Jaguars: a shadow

Kangaroos: a troop or mob

Lemurs: a conspiracy

Leopards: a leap

Lions: a pride or sawt

Martens: a richness

Moles: a labor

Monkeys: a troop or barrel

Mules: a pack, span or barren

Otters: a romp

Pigs: a drift, drove, sounder, team or passel

Porcupines: a prickle

Porpoises: a pod, school, herd or turmoil

Rabbits: a colony, warren, nest, down, husk or herd (domestic only)

Rhinoceroses: a crash

Squirrels: a dray or scurry

Tigers: an ambush or streak

Whales: a pod, gam or herd

Wolves: a pack, rout or route (when in movement)



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I can't go running today because it's supposed to rain all day thanks to the Tropical Storm, so I decided to try some hockey-style workouts. OMG, never again! After only 5 minutes I was sweating more than when I go for a 20-minute run, I almost threw up, I almost passed out, but at least it's really good cardio.

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