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  1. Oh dear fantastic, mystical, magical Title Fairy, Now that I have reached that wonderful, amazing milestone of 150 posts, can I pretty please have a title that says, "I play Minecraft and Spore. Deal with it!"? If you do it, I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance, coolkid.
  2. Down here at the Great Lakes, also known as Southwestern Ontario, things are dull. The only coasters here are at small, yearly, traveling carnivals. We need a theme park SO BADLY!!! The same goes for the entire East and West Coasts, including British Columbia, P.E.I, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Notice that all of those locations are in Canada, because here, theme parks are almost non-existent. There are only 3 large theme parks, Galaxyland, Canada's Wonderland, and La Ronde. In short, Canada really needs a new theme park!!!
  3. Granted, but they merge with Vekoma! I wish that aliens would abduct my crazy sister,
  4. -Webkinz -Angry Birds -Duck Dynasty -Yo-yos -Memes -Silly Bandz -MINECRAFT!!! PS: What the heck are Pogs?
  5. No. It looks like a... TURD!!! Would you ever call me cooldik?
  6. MINECRAFT ICON !?! YEAH BABY!!! MINECRAFT TIME!!! EDIT: The picture didn't show up. Sorry about that.
  7. Nothing. They wanted to go to Splash Planet Windsor instead. Jake and Brandon told them they never asked for the coasters and if they can help tear them down, so they did. There was no more Thrill Planet. All was right in the world. XYZ was banned from the park for life. Robb and Elissa gave Jake and Brandon some ideas for slides. one was Speedway, a ProSlide ProRacer. Out of the 2 racing slides, people went to Rainbow Racers more because...
  8. Thanks! I'll probably show off my coaster creations in a video.
  9. ... but they rebuilt Manta and Stingray and sold 'Cuda Falls back to Darien Lake and banned The Great Gazooki. For 2033, Splash Planed added a hydromagnetic tornado by ProSlide called Waterspout. waterspout was the forst of it's kind in america. Waterspout became the Most popular ride. With all the money they had, they opened 3 new slides for 2034, Elephant's Trunk, Zimbabwe Zipper, and Zig Zag Zebra. It was all in the new African land. Paradise Plunge, Paradise Pipeline, and Adventure River were all moved to the new adventure area. Splash Planet had so much money they opened 2 new locations in Ottawa and Toronto. In 2035, Splash Planet Windsor added a new AquaLoop by White Water West called Lake Looper. Meanwhile, The owners of Slash Planet opened a new Splash Planet in Sarnia. Splash Planet Sarnia added a new slide called Sarnia Slip And Slide. In 2036, a new slide was installed in Splash Planet Windsor called Black Hole. Black Hole was so dark...
  10. A big pile of dirt, rubbish, garbage, and remains of what stood in it's place. Then Her0ofLime felt bad for Thrill Planet for being a theme park because it was once and was meant to be a water park so he teamed up withJake and Brandon and said "F***YOU! THIS IS A WATER PARK!" and got rid of the roller coasters and the dry rides, dethroning XYZ. Thrill Planet was changed back to Splash Planet, and everyone rejoiced! The Long Road to Victory was shut down and a new lazy river called Endless River came in 2031. in 2032, Splash Planet added Stingray and Manta, dueling Boomerango-style coasters. They both rocked you back and forth. Soon after opening day, one of the passengers didn't know how to get off of the slide (Dumb GP) and sat at the bottom. The lifeguard at the top assumed he was off, and let the next person go. the next riders rocked back and forth until they hit the first raft, knocking it off into sharp plastic fake coral, seriously injuring the riders. the lifeguards that were on duty came, but the riders...
  11. Went on a very long quest to find and kill the real Her0ofLime. The evil BARON VON CREDITWHORE (dun dun dunn) knows he forgot to bring his master sword and hylian shield, so he had no defense. when the evil BARON VON CREDITWHORE (dun dun dunn) finally found Her0ofLime wandering aimlessly around the forest, he chased him all the way to the desert, where he finished him off in a VERY disturbing way! *** so he said "I will destroy you if you don't let me on!" , bit the ride op didn't, so he destroyed the ride op he was talking to. Then, the evil BARON VON CREDITWHORE (dun dun dunn) hopped on the kiddie coaster, pressed go, and rid the kiddie coaster. At Splash Planet, they added a new attraction for 2028: Adventure River, a Wave River and Extreme River crossover from White Water West. Adventure River had a heap of hidden spraying features and had very big waves. In 2029, The park added 2 water slides called Paradise Pipeline, a body slide, and Super Splash, another body slide. in 2030, the park added another lazy river called...
  12. The Great Gazooki teamed up with the evil BARON VON CREDITWHORE (dun dun dunnnn) to kill Her0ofLime. Her0ofLime tried using his Master Sword, but the blade broke off. He tried running, but he couldn't run for long. The Great Gazooki and the evil BARON VON CREDITWHORE (dun dun dunnnn) killed him in a VERY disturbing way! *** So Darienlaker contacted ProSlide and bought 2 person round inner tubes for 'Cuda Falls. 'Cuda Falls was fitted with funnels and was renamed 'Cuda Falls V2. The spinning coaster was called Extreme Skateboard Coaster and put on an island near the fireworks. Most of the coaster was over the lake. At Splash Planet, Toilet Bowl, a bowl slide, and Paradise Plunge, A body slide with a speedy ending. Like alwaya, they were a gigantic hit with the public. Paradise plunge was most loved with it's suprise ending. An accident on Toilet Bowl led to it's temporary closure. One raft full of people got too much momentum and flown off the track, killing everyone on the raft. It was closed for the rest of the season for renovations. A cover was added so it would be impossible to fall off, but one day...
  13. Until they cornered coolkid's ghost and Slimer in a long, dark alley. the ghosts had nowhere to go, so the ghostbusters caught them and killed the ghosts. Insanity's slime was changed back to water, the other slides were removed, and Insanity was shortened in height. In 2026, they opened 5 new slides: Adrenaline, a water coaster, Vertigo, a speed slide, Deluge, a tube slide, Upsurge, another tube slide, and Drop Of Doom, another speed slide. They packed in a crowd, until Adrenaline crashed. The raft crashed into the net at one part and crashed through it, landing on the ground. The raft was sent tumbling into the pool after hitting the fence. All the riders were seriously injured, but none of them had died because...
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