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How did you end up here???

How did you get here?  

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  1. 1. How did you get here?

    • Google is my best friend! (post what you searched for!)
    • Found you from another site (which site?)
    • Was told by a friend (are they STILL your friend?) =)
    • I don't remember. I wandered aimlessly around the internet and landed here!
    • Other (tell your story and it BETTER be good!)

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I had the pleasure well maybe disepleasure of meeting R and E about 4 years ago along with David Hamburger and Luskus.


That same day I sat on the brake run of Nitro, David Hamburger on one side of me, and two hot young lesbians making out on the other side of me, and I thought, wow what in the hell have a gotten myself into?

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so I'm naturally curious as to how you found us....and most importantly, why you stick around!



I found TPR about 6 years ago when I first got into coasters. I found out about the forums via email. I stick around because I like the photo trip reports and that there are members and park coverage from all over the world.

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Several years ago , while planning a Walt Disney World vacation I stumbled across TPR. I enjoyed the pictures and videos so much that I always checked back for new stuff.Eventually I added TPR to my favorites.You guys seem to have way to much fun and after following your trips for so long it seem as though I know you all. You do a great job on the site and with the well shot & edited videos and funny captions to the pictures you bring a lot of laughs to all of us internet junkies.

Thanks !

Rich Bogey

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Well, what can I say??


I've known of Robb and TPR for 7-8 years, maybe more.I knew him mostly thru RRC. I first met Robb at the media day opening of GR. Very cordial, very helpful, very rotund.


We had met several times at various places. In the spring of '99 I went to the opening day of Tremors at Silverwood. Later in the summer of '99, I did 29 parks in 24 states in 21 days. I even called Robb and gave him a sound byte for TPR while riding coasters at Lagoon. He even hosted some of my pictures later on. Are those pics and soundbyte still here??


I met Elissa at the IOA preview day in April (?) of '99. A skinny litte cutie!


They are good friends, and the two of them have done wonders with this site together.


Despite the fact they both call me OLD!!




(Like Derek said, RRC has become troll city, though I still read and occaisionally post. I also see that Kip and Tim have started posting here. It's good entertainment!)

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I think it's one of those cases for me where you don't really remember... I knew of the site before the forums from the usual coastering haunts I guess...


Used to read westcoaster contantly and then when these forums opened up I started visiting here and that got more frequent to the point where I really don't read WC anymore and find myself checking the TPR forums a good 1/2 dozen times a day on average.


No slight at WC I just find I only really have time for about 4 internet forums and TPR won out!


I think it just has more of a personal and community feel that most boards... wouldn't you agree?

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Back in '03, a friend of mine bought one of your dvds and we watched a bit of it before heading out for a few parks. I checked out the site when I got back and kept up with it. I started to get really into it in '04 and then the boards started and I signed right up.

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My friend Rob pointed me to TPR a couple of times before I really gave it any notice. He first pointed me to the Dutch Wonderland update from last year with this photo:



"Here is a family of Amish people, who are having their kids stand behind the cut out pretending to be AMISH PEOPLE!!!!! GAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Is it just me or is there something VERY wrong with that?!?!"


Then later once the Japan update was posted, he pointed me to this picture:



Awesome Marketing tag line: "White Cyclone: It's SOMETHING!" LOL!!!

"Please nuderstand this difference!" WTF?!?!?"


I thought that one was just too hilarious, and I read the whole Japan update that night. I started checking back every few days and reading old stuff and new. Then once I started working overnights at work, it became daily and I started posting in the forums.

I come back now, basically because the people here are fun! I get a lot of great info here, and have had some great chats in the chat room. I also like the site as a photographer because the photos are fantastic.

By the way R & E, did you guys buy that White Cyclone shirt? It's hilarious!



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To EBL -


Thanks for the nice - but please step aside -

You aren't 'the oldster' on This Ride -


Please hit page 3 - and there I be! -


And by next June - 53!!!

(ah da sweet scent of da poetry, ha cha cha cha cha cha)

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ok, well, I think it was about mid-2003, and I had an urge to find random reviews of parks. I searched google for "Reviews of Amusement and Theme Parks" and I originally found theme park critic..I got bored with that, so I came here! I've been following the many adventures of Robb & Elissa since, and as of the last 3 months or so, I've been back here about 10 times a day, checking for new vids, and interesting posts. BTW, if any one's ever in AZ, and wants to hang out or sumthin, let me know!


--Cody W

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