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How did you end up here???

How did you get here?  

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  1. 1. How did you get here?

    • Google is my best friend! (post what you searched for!)
    • Found you from another site (which site?)
    • Was told by a friend (are they STILL your friend?) =)
    • I don't remember. I wandered aimlessly around the internet and landed here!
    • Other (tell your story and it BETTER be good!)

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I don't even remember how I got here. But I'm so glad I found TPR! Its a great site - the best fan site out there well along with screamscape, wdwig, & rcdb. I visit TPR every day. I like the forum & pictures from trip reports. The pictures of Robb are always the funniest! TPR rules!

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I was researching coaster pics and found one of your early PTRs (Space World) around February or March 2007. This led to others, downloading some videos, and eventually I joined the site.


My first thought was "These people have a "unique" sense of humor like me and have a really good time. I'd love to hang out with them." Laughed quite a bit at the inside jokes, inuendos, etc. Very cool.

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Some guy who worked for this company that wasn't a real company sent me this picture which was really just part of a picture. Then I heard that others like me who had incomplete pictures were gathering at this site from coaster sites all over. So I came here and added my piece to the mix.

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I'm pretty sure I found out about it after someone from southparks.org (Thorpe and Chessington forum) posted a link to an awesome PTR of some death trap theme park in India or somewhere. I started posting on TPR after we planned our honeymoon to the US and I needed some trip planning info!


Thats how shallow I am.

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  • 2 years later...

Time to hear some of the new peoples stories.


I know I posted here about 4 years ago but here is my story. Back around 2003/2004 I was looking for coaster videos. I had some DVDs from a company I think was called Horse Creek Productions. The POVs were awful. The shaking was so bad they are pretty much unwatchable. Searching I found R&E's Japan report. Ordered a few DVDs and found they were far superior to the others I had. Joined them on the first UK in 2006 trip and have taken a TPR trip every year since.

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If my memory serves me...and I am in my thirties so I'm getting old...I remember on satellite seeing an advert for KBF when Xcelerator came out back in '02. I remember wanting to see more of it, this was before I joined forums, and I found a video here. Also, if my memory is right, Elissa had an Xcelerator belt she was showing...


I've been a member since '05, but only starting posting here during the summer.

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Started out at SFGAmworld.com, after aimlessly wandering around sixflags.com for a fascination of roller coasters. Eventually, I was googling random theme park terms, and themeparkreview.com came up. After spending about three straight days reading every single P:TR, TPR became a daily thing.

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The oldest memory I have of TPR was years ago (back when my older brother was a mild coaster nerd) when my brother was browsing some trip report on Parque Espana. I joined the forum when one of my nerd buddies told me to, hell, before that, I didn't know TPR extended beyond the featured articles.

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I voted for I don't remember, because I don't remember. I know I've been reading the Trip Reports on this site since at least 2007, but it wasn't until sometime in 2008 that I discovered "forums". I still didn't join for a while, but then on November 11, 2008 (the day I joined) there was a front page update on the TPR Trip Chat, and I wanted to see it, so I joined that day.


I probably found TPR for the very first time on Youtube...but that's too long ago to remember.

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