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Fun Spot America Discussion Thread

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Edit: On second thought I'm editing this because it's not my place to moderate things, but just in general I highly recommend actually reading a few posts back before posting. Reading is always a good idea.

I should clarify - an official POV from a park or a ride company is "ok" as that is official footage. When someone posts something from ANOTHER channel or fan site, IMO, that's rude, especially when you know we will be out there to get the footage.


But we can absolutely pay the park or ride manufacturer respect with their videos!


We'll actually be shooting some video on the ride tomorrow as there was bad weather when we were down there to shoot it yesterday.

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Quick Photo Trip Report:

My partner and I arrived in Orlando a bit earlier than planned for SeaWorld so we had time to make a quick stop at Fun Spot in Kissimmee. Neither one of us had been there before and didn't plan to ride anything (this time). I wanted to see Mine Blower and perhaps maybe see it make some test runs since it made it's first the night before. Unfortunately when we arrived about 10am they were doing some work on the track and structure so for the hour we were there looking around we didn't get to see it test. Bummer...but it looks amazing! We will be back later in the summer to spend a few hours there and already bought all day passes for $19 to use when they had their sale online a couple weeks ago. I did have a Fun e Card with some funds on it from a visit at the Orlando park so we used it to play some arcade games before leaving to have lunch.


For now here are some pics of the park:




I love Frisbee rides and I can't wait to try this one (Head Rush). It will be my first inverting one.







Rockstar Coaster. A spinning wild mouse. It will be another first (one that spins that is).



A Bull ride? Sure, I may try this too. Another possible first.



I love Screaming Swings. It was still under maintenance so it should be open by the time I get back. I've been on the one at the Orlando park (same model) many times.



Kiddie Coaster. Most generic name of a potential credit I'll get when I come back.




Now on the the reason we came by : Mine Blower

I can't wait to get back to the park to ride this. It may be a short ride, but it definitely will pack a punch, and the barrel roll alone is with the trip if you're nearby. This will be my first inverting woodie when I ride it. It's crazy this ride will be open Friday. As mentioned before we didn't see any testing due to some tweaking to the track. We also couldn't get a good view of the trains since they were both on the track and somewhat hidden from where I could get pics. I know the weather deteriorated within a couple hours of us leaving so testing occurred later on that evening.















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Every single one of these smaller Gravity Group woodies seems to be a major win. The two I've ridden in New England (Roar-o-saurus and Wooden Warrior) have better airtime than most woodies out there despite only being 30-40 ft tall.

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I love the look of a well designed woodie. I like that aside from the lift hill and first drop the entire track stays fairly low to the ground. It gives the coaster a grand scale. I can see where the speed comes from. No energy is wasted by having to crest turn-around hills. Instead they gave it highly banked, almost over-banked, turns. I'm never getting to Florida I just know it, but I look forward to the day they build of of those out west.

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How amazing is this. Big things do come in compact packages. A new GG coaster always gets rid of any jaded feelings about this hobby. I can't wait to get back to Orlando. Fun Spot is really making Orlando a destination with great variety for adventure/ thrill seekers, as a nice complement to Disney World and Universal Simulators Orlando.

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The POV looks amazing! Still surprised how quickly this went up. I thought it was gonna open in July.


I'm flying into MCO tomorrow afternoon. I thought I was going to just miss riding this scrappy coaster. But I have changed my plans so I can get a few rides on it. I'll try to report back tomorrow night with a review. I hope the opening goes well so I can get my first GG woodie, and first inverting woodie.

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Was able to ride Mine Blower today. Here's some of my thoughts:


- Overall fun ride, super compact layout is great design

- First drop has really great airtime

- Inversion I thought could be a marketing gimmick but was the highlight- lots of airtime (throws you out going up, and you remain out of seat during upside down part)

- About halfway through ride there is a bigger hill that somewhat kills off some speed. What would've been a great double down is OK

- Timberliners... This is where I felt the ride suffered. The ride isn't rough like say Gwazi but I didn't find it smooth like Mystic Timbers or even White Lightning. It's not that it's beat you up rough, but rather the trains seem to spend a lot of the ride trying to find the track. Quite a bit of shuffling and bouncing for a brand new ride. Will average Joe notice? No - it isn't a deal breaker at all. But if you just ride Mystic Timbers or even White Lightning you can probably notice the difference. I'm not expert but if you watch the video another site posted of the wheels you can see them constantly bounce off the rails - whereas I thought Timberliners were suppose to almost hug the track.


Overall a great addition - just perhaps not as great as some of us built it up to be. But that's ok because it's still a fun ride.

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