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NEWS: Baker Leisure Group considers "Orlando Thrill Park"

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The City of Orlando is considering plans from a group which would bring a new amusement park to the city. The Baker Leisure Group, which specializes in building theme parks, is looking to build “The Orlando Thrill Park” with several roller coasters. The park would be along International Drive.


The plan is still in very early stages, and it will be weeks before a proposed plan reaches Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the city commissioners. The group would buy land currently up for sale in a wooded area near Festival Bay Mall and the Prime Outlets, and fill it with tall roller coasters and other attractions. The park would sit on 70 acres of land.


“ I think it would be a great idea. It would be something for the community to be involved in,” said Jeroline Adkinson, president of the Tangelo Park Homeowners Association. Representatives with the Baker Leisure Group will meet with the Tangelo Park community on Thursday to discuss their plans. The group has previously worked with Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld developers.


WFTV learned the developers of the Orlando Thrill Park are interested in building roller coasters so tall, they would require approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


On Monday, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said the plan sounds exciting, but he doesn’t know much about the proposal yet. “We’re always excited for new opportunities, especially since we’ve had some challenging economic times. Anything that’s out there that can bring jobs, we’re happy about,” said Mayor Dyer.


Developers also plan to conduct a noise study in the area.


Before anyone goes crazy over the concept, let's look back at Baker Leisure Group's most recent successes...


1. Cypress Gardens Adventure Park

2. Freestyle Music Park

3. Ron Jon Surf Park (proposed for the same area)




Another article, this one with concept art for a roller coaster:



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A good friend of mine always talked about building a "thrill park" in the Orlando area. I always thought he was nuts, and I think these people are nuts. However, in the rather unlikely event that this actually gets built and opens, I'll be there for the credits before they disappear. I missed my chance on HardStyle MusicRock Park.

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Who the hell is Steve Baker anyways?


Steve Baker


This is the personal home page of steven baker. The Real Steven Baker. There are many fake Steven Bakers out there. Some of them may even be software engineers in the san francisco bay area, working at a search-related company. Don't be confused. Don't trust them. They're frauds. They're not the Real Steven Baker. Even the Steve Baker who is a harmonica player in Germany. And the Steve Baker who plays Aussie Rules Football and wears the requisite tiny short shorts. And the Steve Baker who is a Chemical Engineering professor. Charlatans, all.



There can be only one; I am he, and he is me.


Who am I?


First off, I am a construction worker.


When not constructing things, I am a software engineer at a search company that starts with a G and ends in an E.


My wife and I recently traveled 3 months around the world. Here is our blog.


My wife tells me that this page has absolutely no content, so it's no wonder people aren't reading it. Well then, here's my bio.


You can also follow Steve Baker on twitter.




Translation: if THIS guys builds the park, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Every few years something comes up like this for that area of Orlando and it never happens. This was even going on back in the 90's when the 'economy' maybe could have supported it!


Just another crazy idea that will never see the light of day. Unless there are some more Russian investors out there!!!

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For everyone's benefit, Baker Leisure Group are NOT building or operating this park. Steve Baker himself is involved not his company.


So he wasn't involved with Cypress Gardens or Freestyle Music Park? It was just his company?

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If this park does open, we'll be sure to see it on Erik's "Oddventures." It does sound like a neat idea, but with Orlando's saturated market, it'll be difficult. How many tourist attractions have come and gone in Orlando?

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If this park does open, we'll be sure to see it on Erik's "Oddventures."


I'll make sure to head out there on whatever their projected opening date ends up being, and take picture of dirt fields and chainlink fences for y'all.

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