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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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That has to be the tightest first drop I've ever seen! This has to have single cars or very short trains, there's no way a full train could scale that with live people, think about the back seats. That'd be like astronomical airtime. I can't wait to see how this project will continue!

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Is it bad for me that I really wish Toverland is also watching this and brings in a big ride in 2017. Then we had 3 years of awesome coasters here in the Netherlands, last year the Efteling and this is also going to be great by the looks of it.

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I think this is going to be the sleeper hit of 2016. I'm not saying it's going to be the best new coaster of next year, but it's definitely bit of a surprise and difficult to have any expectations for because it's so different to what Mack have ever done before, and there's only two completed elements!

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I don't think this is an inverted top-hat, but rather a... outward banked banana-roll.


Funny enough, I made this element on a NL coaster some times ago, and here it'll help you to see what I mean:




Now the Walbi version isn't as rounded as that, and the banking isn't 90°, but rather 60° I'd say.



This pic shows that the entrance and exit of the element are parallel:


... and this one confirm there is no roll that would makes it an inverted top-hat (knowing the entrane and exit are parallel makes us know we're looking at the track like from a top down view):


(Pictures from Themepark.nl)


And now remember this pic (that I rotated 90° so it's almost like in the pictures above):



It can easily be the track section at the top of the figure.

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Found more pictures of the weird Element, also some claims:

Source (Looopings.nl/Pretparkfans.nl)

(Picture didn't work on the original source anymore so made a link to a source that does and reference the origin.)


Some claims of them:

-74 track pieces make for a 740 meter long ride.

Long brake for the end.

-Airtime hill after the drop.

-There is a straight piece that could get some catwalk, plus low supports make for possible launch (Would be nice)

-Brakes the same as Blue Fire.


Don't know what's true but thought it sound interesting.

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