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Walibi Holland Discussion Thread

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Maybe it'll be a combo of spinning and non-spinning seats like the set up they used on Blue Fire.


^ If they were alternating cars (fixed seats, spinning seats) that would scare me in a really awesome way!

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Totally random, I heard from Mack that Bluefire pulled NEGATIVE 2.3G's on Bluefire's spinning car when it is facing right at the heart line roll.


Also, post #5,000!!!

I could see it. That roll already pulls you out of your seat when you go through it normally and I could imagine it getting more intense sitting at a right angle. Though -2.3g? that seems less fun and more painful.

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Wow yes, -2.3g is a lot! Then again, I've already experienced -3.5g on a Capriolo and it wasn't painful at all. Intense for sure, but not painful, thanks to a comfy restraint and that peak being progressive (no jerk). But BlueFire's heartline is quite sudden...

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Well one thing is for sure, this appears to be something new and exciting. That's what great about Mack, not only do they have an impeccable safety/reliability record (possibly better than B&M), but they're willing to try new and different things and not just rely on tried and true concepts.

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I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, according to walibi.nl the ride will be called Lost Gravity. This "press release" seems to contain a weird amount of speculation, but given that it's on the park website I'm assuming it's legit (Google translated text):



BIDDINGHUIZEN, December 10, 2015 - The new roller coaster at Walibi Holland is called Lost Gravity. The logo was unveiled today. The name and the logo are in this movie to see. A similar film is Snap Chat first sent to the fans. Lost Gravity does at least suggest that there is a lot of gravity-defying maneuvers and G-forces are released when driving in this ride.


Walibi Holland on March 24 open again. Until the opening to be maintained all the attractions in the park and some sites get a makeover. The main thing, however, currently on behind the scenes is the construction of the new roller coaster. There are already several web sections and the highest point has been achieved. The ins and outs of this ride is also not announced.


Teaser clip showing the logo, and possibly a train?

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