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What is your favorite launch coaster?

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Hmm--this is a tough call. I guess it's a tie between these three.


Montezooma's Revenge at Knott's--I just love the intensity of the launch and the weightless feeling you get when you go backward up the spike.


Mr. Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas--Premier launched shuttles are great (much more fun than the Intamin "Top Hat" style rides). This is actually pretty scary (especially that last little launch up the spike).


Speed Monster at Tusenfryd--I much prefer the Intamin launchers when they have more than "one trick."

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These are all of the launch coasters I've ridden best to worst:


Furius Baco - I got the inside front seat and I have never ridden such a relentless coaster. The launch feels so much more intense than the stats suggest and the incredible sense of speed doesn't let up until it hits the brakes. It's just a shame that it can only be enjoyed in the front row.


Rita - A very solid coaster. Great launch, nice pops of ejector air. It's one of the few rocket coaster with a proper layout following the launch even if it is a bit on the short side. I think it could be improved a lot if lapbars were introduced though.


Kanonen - Its launch is more of a sharp push but it's so compact and twisty, it provides a ride like no other coaster.


Stealth - It packs a punch and it has great views but it's just too short. Particularly if you've just queued an hour and a half for it. All you get is a launch, a top hat and half an airtime hill.


Rock n' Rollercoaster (DLP) - Proof that Vekomas in the dark are a great idea.


Velocity - It's bearable in the first few rows but towards the back, you will be rattled to death.


Space Mountain: Mission 2 - Proof that Vekomas in the dark are a terrible idea.

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After this season I have now ridden (Best to Worst):

1. Sidewinder at Elitch Gardens...Seriously an awesome ride! Four nice pops of air and a cool backwards launch too!

2. Kingda Ka....In the first car Kingda Ka is amazing. Further back, eh not so much.

3. Half Pipe at Elitch Gardens...Even though there wasn't much of a launch it was still a blast.

4. Jokers Jinx....Really slow, but still smooth and fun.

5. Rock N Rollercaoster....I don't remember too much about the ride, except being thrown around a lot.

6. Wicked at Lagoon...While it was fun, it was far too short and very choppy/shaky. The lap bars were also pretty uncomfortable.

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1. Maverick at Cedar Point: Overall great ride with a semi-launched lift and a mid-ride launch. The ride itself has a little bit of everything.

2. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point: Better launch than Maverick, but it only has the one hill.

3. Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure: Almost as good as Top Thrill Dragster, but the shoulder harnesses make it a bit uncomfortable due to vibrations.

4. Xcelerator at Knott's Berry Farm: Although it's got the best launch of the three Intamin AG Accelerator Coasters I've been on, the ride just doesn't have the same wow factor Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka do.

5. California Screamin' at Disney California Adventure Park: Not as intense as the others on this list, but still an outstanding ride. In my opinion, the best coaster at any Disney park.

6. Volcano, The Blast Coaster at Kings Dominion: A unique inverted coaster with two launches. I just wish the ride didn't end so suddenly.


I've been on a number of other launch coasters, but these are the ones in my current top 25.

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Powder Keg, and I guess Maverick as runner-up. Dragster and Kingda Ka are right at the bottom of the list- I'm not going to say they're ride once, move along material, but even a moderate line will be enough for me to pass them up. Curiously, I'll tolerate those same lines (and probably more) for an Impulse Coaster.


I really like Hulk at IOA- I think it's one of the last really great rides coming from B&M, but for some reason I categorize it more as a B&M sitdown looper than as a launcher.

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1. Maverick

2. Storm Runner

3. TTD/Kingda Ka (they're too similar to take up two spots on the list. TTD is better than KK)

4. Volcano

5. Mummy USF

6. Verbolten

7. Hulk

8. FOF/JJ (again, identical rides, but FOF is better because of the atmosphere and faster launch)

9. Rock n Roller Coaster

10. Intamin Inverted Impulses (I've only been on WT and Possessed, WT being the better of the two)

11. Hypersonic XLC (that launch was insane, but the rest of the ride was too short and painful)

12. Backlot Stunt Coaster (KD)

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While the launch of out of date for Intamin standards (it uses LIM or LSM instead of the pneumatic system), it is still pretty intense. The ride that follows? Fantastic. It is twisted beyond belief, a good length, and has the scariest arm/headchopper moment I have ever encountered.

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I have always liked storm runner. I like how they announce it, stupidly enough. 'Get ready. Cuz here we go.' And I also like FOF at King's Dominion, for a weird reason. When I went there on New Hotness, I was always so amused with how the operator handles his job. He would purposely do things like '12,9,3' and then he would launch us. The rides actual launch system is nice because unlike rides that 'click back' before they actually launch, FOF just kinda goes for it.

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Since the OP specifically noted that it doesn't have to be a coaster, my favorite launched ride is the steam catapult aboard CVN-71, USS Theodore Roosevelt, "The Big Stick." Zero to between 130-170 mph, depending on your aircraft, in 2 seconds. Hop into a C-2 as a passenger and you "get to" (have to) sit facing backward during the launch.


As long as you aren't the pilot or aircrew, it's an amusement ride as far as I'm concerned.



Second place: probably Kingda Ka.

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My choice is Possessed (when it was at Geauga Lake), because it popped my launch cherry. Full disclosure, I am sorely lacking as far as having very few launched coasters under my belt. I'm not a fan of heights and I definitely had second thoughts about being in the last row in the seconds before the launch, and for good reason apparently. While not comfortable or pleasant in the slightest way, the lurching brake before Possessed's final descent scared the shit outta me. My only other launch was TTD it's opening season. I honestly felt the 2 hour wait was well worth it, but I found the only thrilling parts to be the initial massive acceleration and the anxiety-ridden wait beforehand.

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Hmm. All of the Launch coasters I've been on have been exciting. I'll just rank them in Order.


I Don't consider this a coaster but I absolutely love the upwards lunch of Dr. Dooms Fear Fall - IOA!!

Cheetah Hunt - BG Tampa Bay

Revenge OF The Mummy - Universal Orlando

Rock N Roller Coaster - Hollywood Studios WDW

Incredible Hulk - IOA

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