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  1. It shouldn't be too bad. Disney said they would make some more moveis now and there will probably be some related attractions added to the Disney parks hopefully. But they might not enforce their "Disney" way too much on any of it.
  2. My gosh, can't say anything on these forums huh? LOL I guess because Im new I don't get to share any opinion and what not. Okay then.
  3. Bless your heart. If you'd like to keep splitting hairs, then neither park is technically expanding...they are simply restructuring, replacing, and enhancing their current entertainment offerings. Webster's Dictionary FTW. If they are exapnding a theme, then it's expanding. Harry Potter is expanding from IOA to USF where Jaws rides and the Amity area was. Expanding because eventually one will have to buy a two park pass to experience the entire HArry Potter stuff. Transformers is new. Reguardless of how you feel, I look forward to it in USF. It should be a welcoming addition just as Dispicable Me was! It'll add some foot traffic between Hollywood and New York.
  4. Exactly. Thats what I was saying. In All, Im excited for it because it'll be fresh. I know a lot of the children like Fantasy no matter what is there. I think it will be good for Magic Kingdom itself.
  5. Well, he probabaly took my location and tried to make a fool out of me, thats why I said if he's trying to be smart. If he didn't understand why I put it, all he had to do was ask. ^ it's best to ask than make assumptions,
  6. Does this mean that you don't understand the Transformers "expansion" either? We're here to help you with that, if needed. Transformers isn't expanding , if you were trying to be smart you idiot. The ride is new to Universal Studios Floriida. the ONLY expansion at USF is the Harry Potter expansion. Transofrmers is a new ride, in a seperate area.
  7. How on earth do you not understand the expansion??? And how on earth are you missing the fact that everything going in to this new section will be new to the Magic Kingdom??? (besides the relocated dumbo and the rethemed roller skater) Usually when a park expands they build something new. What I'm saying is although the area is new and will feel new, the ride stories are not new. To me it's more like a refurb.
  8. Well I've only been to theme parks where I live but we have more than enough coasters to do a top ten so this is including G's , theming, and speed! 1. Everest - Animal Kingdom 2. Dueling Dragons Fire - Islands of Adventure 3. Dueling Dragons Ice - Islands of Adventure 4. Hollywood Rip Ride Rock It - Universal Studios Florida 5. Montu - Busch Gardens 6. Kumba - Busch Gardens 7. Manta - Sea World 8. Kraken Sea World 9. Revenge of The Mummy - Universal Studios Florida 10. Shiekra - Busch Gardens Others I Enjoy Gwazii Scorpion Flying Unicorn Rock N Roller Coaster Space Mountain Big Thunder Mountain Cheetah Hunt
  9. ^ I've never understood the expansion. I though expansion meant something new. If you think about it, none of the rides in Fantasyland are new concepts. Snow White Already had a ride, So did Dumbo, and so on and so on. But It'll still probaably be a success.
  10. Im So excited. I'll be getting Sea World and Busch Gardens Annual PAsses in January!!
  11. Well I'll do the Orlando park too. in order Lost Continent in IOA- Will always be my favorite, but Harry Potter ruined that. 1. Toon Lagoon - IOA 2. ALL OF Epcot 3. Asia -Animal Kingdom 4. Frontierland - Magic Kingdom 5. Marvel Island - IOA
  12. Hmm. All of the Launch coasters I've been on have been exciting. I'll just rank them in Order. I Don't consider this a coaster but I absolutely love the upwards lunch of Dr. Dooms Fear Fall - IOA!! Cheetah Hunt - BG Tampa Bay Revenge OF The Mummy - Universal Orlando Rock N Roller Coaster - Hollywood Studios WDW Incredible Hulk - IOA
  13. Defunt ride? Not defunct, just rethemed but FLying Unicorn. I miss the theming. Pythong @ BG Tampa Bay King Kong @ Universal Orlando Earthquake Universal Orlando and BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!! I miss this ride.
  14. Although I am not a fan of motion simulators or 3D rides, Im excited for this ride for Universal as it needed a refreshing E ticket attraction. I'm no fan of the Spiderman ride as it sucks, but I'm looking forward to the Transformers #D ride for the action. I love that it will help that deadzone between hollywood and new york be spruces up a bit. It'd be really cool if they added a transformers restaurant where mel's is and moved mels to fit in with cabana bay, but wishful thinking lol.
  15. The event was rather ejoyable this year. All the construction really made me look into what was going on. The fact Universal has changed so fast but HHN 22 was fun.
  16. My top 5 Ride Vehicles: 1. Incredible Hulk. I Just love the vehicles of the ride along with the roaring. 2. Dueling Dragons IOA. Was well themed before Harry Potter 3. Rock N Roller Coaster Disney 4. Manta: Sea World Orlando 5. Transformers Ride 3D Universal Studios Hollyood!
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