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What is your favorite launch coaster?

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Way to think to the future.


So far, Rockin roller coaster. It's really the only one I remember.


Though I have been on hulk/TTD/Wicked twister/volcano I don't remember the experiance totally. so RNRC it is

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It's probably a close tie between Xcelerator and Top Thrill Dragster. Xcelerator's is much more "jerky" forceful, and TTD is mode drawn out. Front row seat on TTD is just insane though, never experienced anything like it before. My heart races just thinking about how awesome it is.

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I like so many of them! Mummy, Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster, Storm Runner, Furious Baco... (Yes, I like Baco. Rare breed I know.)


I'm going to give Flight of Fear (KD version) a mention because this thing is so underrated. The launch is forceful and it's followed by a fantastic layout. I bet it was death before it had lapbars, though. I wish they had built more of these style rides, in various layouts.

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There are a lot of different types of launched coasters, they are all good for different reasons, it's hard to pick just one favorite.


Xcelerator - The launch is right out of the station; when you're next in line you get the rush of the train flying from right out in front of you, and on the train you get that instantaneous action feeling


Top Thrill Dragster - Well, duh...


Maverick - It's in a dark scary tunnel and also because you can hear the LSMs power up before the blast; I can never coast through that tunnel without getting excited for what's going to happen next. Even on the lift hill as well as in the tunnel, you hear those LSMs and you just have to go "WOOOOO!!"


Rock n' Roller Coaster - My first launched coaster; holds some sentimental value as well as having some good theming and unpredictability


Storm Runner - Quick and to the point, with a great ride afterward


Montezuma's Revenge - I have no idea why I like this launch so much, but I do. I like the unpredictability.


I personally think the problem with Intamin rockets is the launch is too predictable. The train locks into the catch car and 5 seconds later, it begins. I like launches that are unpredictable and mysterious...

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Considering the entire ride, not just the launch, here are my rankings and ratings:


01. California Screamin' (9/10)

02. Powder Keg (9/10)

03. Mr. Freeze @ SFStL (9/10)

04. Montezooma's Revenge (7/10)

05. V2: Vertical Velocity (7/10)

06. Steel Venom (7/10)

07. Vertical Velocity (7/10)

08. Avatar Airbender (6/10)

09. Superman: The Escape (6/10)

10. Pony Express (2/10)

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I had not been on any launch coasters until this April...now I've ridden:


California Screamin'

Montezooma's Revenge

Pony Express

Revenge of the Mummy

Superman: The Escape



Yes, I rode all six of SoCal's launching coasters in one year!


My Favorite: California Screamin', with Xcelerator as a close second...funny, since Cali Sreamin' is the only one with OTSRs.


Best Themed: Revenge of the Mummy


Worst: Colliding Express...erm Pony Express

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I was 12 years old, before I was a Montuman and a coaster maniac. I was terrified, my dad forced me to the front row and it was my first "extreme" roller coaster. I screamed like a girl for the first .5 seconds. I then giggled like a girl for the rest of the ride. It's the insane Rock'n Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.


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Kingda Ka

Backlot Stunt Coaster

Rockin rollercoaster

Flight of Fear

Chiller (Robin side)

Storm Runner

Maverick (Is this considered a launch?)



I think I got all the launches I have experienced. So far, the best one would have to be KK. I overall just love launches. Each have something different to offer. I love watching the faces on the riders.

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