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What is your favorite launch coaster?

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Unfortunately I was chicken so I didn't ride Volcano but I did ride Flight of Fear & Poltergeist (basically same coaster). I liked FoF because you launched into a "black hole" basically & didn't know where you're going. I plan to get bk & ride Volcano (I'll just close my eyes ) & of course I'll hafta try Italian Job coaster while I'm there. I'm still chicken to ride Hypersonic (or the like). Would like to ride Superman at SFMM, Hulk, Calf. Screamin', among others.

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The best, longest, fastest, smoothest launch goes to The Tower of Terror at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, Australia. It's not really a coaster but it makes you feel like you're flying. The backward freefall is pretty amazing too. I'm actually terrified of heights and this ride was no problem. I think it's still number 4 on the fastest list. It's just so, so smooth, thanks to some very nice magnetic action. We come from a tragically coaster starved nation, so I don't have much to compare it to.



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I've been on TTD, Maverick, Vertical Velocity (SFGAm), and Mr. Freeze (SFSTL).


Hands down, Mr. Freeze. It is just so awesome. The station atmosphere is great, and the launch is so powerful that the station lights dim! And of course, any looper with lap bars is great in my book!

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My favs:


For the sheer power (sledgehammer in the chest) it has to be Dodonpa.


Of the Intamins - Xcellerator, hands down.


But my favorite is the second set of lims on Speed: The Ride.

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Maverick is my favorite launch coaster, just because its great launch is only part of the ride. As for the single best launch, Xcelerator definitely wins. Nothing I've ridden can match its intensity; TTD couldn't even come close!

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When I read the thread title I didn't think I had been on many at all but on reading the thread I realised I had been on more than I thought:-



RnR Coaster



Rita: Queen of Lame

Superman The Escape

Test Track


Of those it has to be Xcelerator. I was literally breathless during it. What a buzz.

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Perhaps this makes me crazy, but I actually really enjoyed the launch on Superman: The Escape. It's so fast and powerful, and I think the simplicity of the ride really makes a statement (although of course it's also its downfall). The overall ride isn't that terrible--I enjoyed the negative G's, but I agree with everyone that the height doesn't do much.


V2's launch gets me every time. I especially like it in the front, although I would label myself a "backseat rider" for these shuttle coasters. I don't know what it is about Impulses, but they make it almost instinctively easy to put your hands up. In the front, the entire track becomes a headchopper! It's almost scary, and makes it easy to see why there's a height maximum!


To literally answer the question of this thread...California Screamin' is easily my favorite launch coaster, considering the entire ride.


Montezooma's Revenge rounds out the list of launch coasters I actually enjoy.

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My favorites:

- The Chiller - either side. The zero g roll element going both direction with just a lap bar- in its later years - was just insane.

- Storm Runner - Flying snake dive owns in any seat.

- WIcked Twister - Backseat / backward spike = crazy!

- TTD/KK - The lapbar makes it better than KK for that not-so-safe feeling.


The best one i have ridden would have to be Storm Runner. Solid launch, good pops of air and that flying snake dive!

Does anybody know what happened to the Chiller? Did it go anywhere?

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A list of European launch coasters

Stealth - Thorpe Park (Front seat - Awesome!)

iSpeed - Mirabilandia (Nice LSM launch)

Speed Monster - Tusenfryd (Norwegian loop)

Kanonen - Liseberg (Fun but no thrills)

Rita - Alton Towers (Nothing really happens after the launch)

Xpress - (Lame)

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