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  1. Went to a SF park on the Eastcoast side, New England or America maybe? Hmmmm maybe they're gonna put in Z-Force! (now called Flashback SFMM)
  2. I rode it five times ina row, if my hubby wasn't with me I wudda rode it another five times. It's as smooth as butter! I rode in the back too since the train's no longer backwards but I do NOT know where the term JRS is Rusty came from. They must've not ridden it. It's my fave woodie! It's the best woodie there! (ok so there are only two but STILL). It's the ONLY woodie I've ever ridden that's actually worth riding & SMOOOOOTH too.
  3. Ok, thanx! Maybe they'll bring it over here or build one like it.
  4. Sorry, my pix didn't turn out. It was at nite although I used the flash. Stupid cheapo camera. I'll hafta see if I can dig up my pix from another Vegas trip to post.
  5. Speed was all that smooth hitting the turns. It's like an Arrow coaster on the direction changes, jerked me some, but other than that yes it WAS smooth. As far as Desperado, well since the lift is on the roof, there's really nothing scary about it once you go over the top. You can't see directly below you, not really, so it wasn't scary for me in that respect. The direction changes well, that's another story, it hits hard & I thought it was gonna come off the track but that's Arrow for you, well all except of course my beloved Loch Ness which is surprisingly smooth & not jerky for an Arrow, so is Canyon Blaster which I liked very much. It's not jerky at all. Is it an Arrow or Vekoma? Does anyone know?
  6. kidding about the Strat rides but dude, you forgot Desperado. No trip to Vegas is complete w/o it! I rode it at dusk, pretty kewl. I've ridden Speed at nite before too, really kewl. I've ridden all but ME. I dunno 'bout that one yet. Maybe next time. At nite of course.
  7. If they do have a mechanic's tunnel to use, how are the patrons gonna get off the thing to get into the tunnel or even on that ladder?
  8. I visit their website often, they're always putting in new stuff.
  9. Flight of Fear is BACK!! I'm so HAPPY can't hardly stand it! YEA!!! The article said "you wanted it, you asked for it, you got it, Flight of Fear is BACK!" Great huh!
  10. is the deposit? Where do we send it? When do we have to have it in? Thanx to anyone who replies. WooHoo!
  11. How do these trips work? I've never been on a trip like this. Can someone give me sorta a run-down? Like do we all meet in one place somewhere to take off together? Then what happens...that sorta thing. I just want to know what to expect. Do we meet at the parks individually? I see mention of us being on a bus together, that's why I'm asking. I really want to participate but don't want to be left wondering what to do or what to expect. Thanx to anyone who replies. DogpatchUSA RIP
  12. RIP..I only wished I cudda rode that one. If only I knew it wudda been closed, I wudda made an xtra effort to get there & ride...*SIGH*. Did they scrap this one or is it in a field somewhere or did someone buy it? (I hope ).
  13. Thanx guys for all your help! I didn't know Vekoma did DeJaVu, I thought it was B&M or someone else. I know Vecoma did Invertigo....
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