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  1. Realised I didnt introduce myself. I'm Tom from ThemeParks-US.com - I try to get to as many theme parks & rides as possible over the year but sometimes i just don't get time! Nice to find out more about the coasters I haven't tried yet and put them on the list for next time I vist the States! Well done on the forum btw, I enjoy reading the numerous reviews and views posted. Keep up the good work! Cheers Tom ThemeParks-US
  2. Not been on Skyrocket yet. Its definately on the list though after viewing some Youtube videos!
  3. ^Try out the NEW Haunted Castle - a BRAND (opened June 4th) dark ride that is a lot of fun. You CAN'T miss it! ~Nicholas Is the haunted castle just for halloween? Or an all year round attraction? Cheers Tom @ ThemeParks-US
  4. Im assuming the ride won't go very fast? Is the main attraction of the ride the views over the park? Does look good though.
  5. Umm... I think you mean Disney's Hollywood Studios. Sorry, yes i meant Hollywood Studios! Haven't been in a couple of years Hulk is another good launch ride for sure.
  6. I always like it when you get a hint of a splash in the face! Even if you don't actually get wet it always adds to the thrill. Did they release the potential opening date? Or just in 2011?
  7. It looks a little bit like the Manta ride at SeaWorld? But still looks impressive and definitely worth a try!
  8. The Rockin Roller Coaster at Universal Studies is an amazing thrill. 0-60 in 3 seconds or something? Brilliant!
  9. I really want to check out the boardwalk next time I visit! Any recommendations for the best ride to go on? The Giant Dipper seems like the obvious choice?
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