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  1. ^ I love the remake but I also came to the same conclusion as you did.
  2. ^ I would say that it is not as scary as you might think. But again if it really terrifies you the ride is short enough where you won't be on it for very long. Plus it's not like the whole ride is backwards.
  3. ^^ Those look amazing. This ride just got so much more exciting to me.
  4. ^^ Out of the three (Monte, Bullet, Boomerang) I would start on Montezuma's since it is just smooth and fun, not to mention a great classic. And since it is so short if you really hate it your gonna be off pretty darn fast.
  5. I kind of wish they hadn't gotten rid of all the physical sets but it looks like an improvement overall.
  6. I sure hope Ninja isn't on the chopping block yet although with other suspended's being yanked maybe it is. If it were to get removed the only thing that would make up for it would be anything with airtime. But it's MM so it's not going to happen .
  7. ^ This. That whole area of the park should get the next revamp after the Full Throttle area. I am really hoping they do as good a job as they did with DC Universe. Not holding my breath for it though.
  8. ^ At least an Intamin 12 inversion coaster has an airtime hill. Plus it would at least be better than Viper.
  9. Knott's Berry Farm removing Wacky Soap Box Racers for Windjammer.
  10. I really don't feel like cutting Six Flags Magic Mountain any slack on this issue cause other parks have problems with their rides too and yet no other park comes to mind who is so notorious for late ride openings and painfully slow construction on their projects overall.
  11. ^ And it has rider in it's name so it's going to be very rough in a few years.
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