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Belantis Discussion Thread

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^^Thanks for the video


Does the all red having anything to do with the theming of this coaster, Why all red?


The red track looks good but the supports still looks like fun



I read the coaster was supposed to go to the F1-X park in Dubai, but after that park was canceled, Belantis was able to pick the ride up cheaply. I assume the ride was supposed to be given a raving theme, hence the all red paint job, but it does look odd. Hopefully it gets a new paint job later on though, since an all red coaster will look weird with what looks to be a jungle theme.

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if you look closely in the video on the station, you can see that it is Maya or Inca style themed, so the cars really look colorful but i think it fits to the station.... what does not fit is the red color of the track, but i hope they will change it next year! If you remember that they announced this coaster at the end of march and that it takes 3 months till the coaster mades his test rides, it s really awesome how fast they realized this, so maybe they had not enough time (or money) for a new paint job.

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I'm really not impressed by this ride. All the gerstlauers I've ridden, even the newer ones (Plopsa, Thorpe, Bobbejaanland), weren't smooth at all and this one seems to go really slow through all the elements. I also think there's too much elements on such a short ride, but that's usually my complaint with these Gerstlauers.

The only thing I actually like, is the paintjob of the coaster. But if it's actually in a jungle-area, than I suppose this will change next season as well.

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So, I finally rode this coaster on my German coaster tour a last week.


I have always loved the way it looked, so I figured we should stop by this park to get the credits.

And boy am I glad that we did, because now I have the credit's, and I don't have to visit this place again!


I think the park is really ugly, with it's fake lake, and bad landscaping. Also the layout of the park is just annoying.


I've heard some pretty bad reviews of the ride before, but I did not believe all of those.

How can a Eurofighter be bad, all of the ones I been on have been awesome I thought.


I don't really know how It happened, but the ride really beats the crap out of you. It's not rough, or rattly, it just all of a sudden (like every 3 second) throws you really hard into the restrains. My height was perfect to get the blows straight on my neck as well.


I did it three times, in all rows, just to be sure, and the answer is that it's a *little* milder in the front, but not by much.

Such a shame, because it had a pretty awesome layout, with some great force, but it wasn't worth it.


And I usually don't complain, I really don't, I even enjoy SLC's without bitching, but this was just hurtful, and I have to warn other people.

Even my girlfriend who is not an enthusiast says it's the worst coasters she's been on.


If it would get the DDD lap bar's the ride would be really awesome, but judging from the place it's at, I don't see it happening.


I will, however, give two big thumbs up for the awesome Hafema water ride. It was pure awesome fun. Would love to see the rubber boats model installed at more parks!

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This whole review of the park sounds exactly the response most of us on the TPR Oktoberfest trip.


Agreed. I got the credits, had a bite to eat, and wanted to leave immediately after!

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After five years without big investments - there was only one major ride in 2013 ("Tanzender Pavillon") - Belantis built some multi-million-Euro-attraction for 2015. A few weeks ago, there was a big (I believe faked) voting on a digital newspaper and after one week there was 45,3% for a new roller coaster (pic 1) and 45,1% for a new water ride (pic 2).

So, Belantis said they will see what is possible, so, the most fans in Germany believe it will be an new and unique water-coaster-experience, because for the new main attraction there will be "only" three million Euro.


source with third possible voting (ferris wheel) >> http://airtimers.com/belantis-attraktion-2015/0026789/ -- and other updates >> http://airtimers.com/was-ist-losim-belantis-freizeitpark-bei-leipzig/0024291/ http://airtimers.com/belantis-attraktion-2015/0026789/





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