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  1. World Record! Over 60m: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  2. Hey friends in the US; just to make it clear: The EU is only supporting the park in the infrastructure building and financing job positions. There is only one coaster which should be supported by the EU: The tilt coaster, because it would be a one-standing-investment in the region and for the whole Europe region. So: The EU is not financing the coasters in general. Behind the park stands a massive, real big and massive media cooperation with loots of radio stations. The whole summer the park is organising music festivals. So, if you want to visit the park: Check out the music festival dates and times.
  3. Not really... there are some more (kiddie) coasters... but in a few years, Tayto Park will be the leader on the island...
  4. The EP didn't have any discounts or other things like FastPass oder QuickEntrys. All attractions have big capacity and so the park handles every guest like the other ones. I only know, that some fan-groups (like the ECC or the FKF) have an option for tickets for the group price.
  5. I think you have to swap/change: Day 15: Rent car, Hansa Park // Day 16: Heide Park Because (see the maps in my posting before) Heide Park is more south than Hansa-Park. And if you don't book your flight yet, change it from Leipzig to Hannover. It's a very long extra-way without any benefits. (Leipzig Airport >> Heide-Park: 3,5 - 4 h // Hannover Airport >> Heide Park: 1h) Very interesting mix of parks. You will love them all! (Some more, some less ) Planing a tour through Europe is very difficult; sometimes I have problems with some parks to reach and combine two small parks in one day. Europe has different regions for planing or standing alone (Scandinavia, Great Britain, The Mediterranean, central Europe ... and since Energylandia also East Europe). All the best. – BTW.: When are you now here? So If you want I can come over for one park and show you some special places...
  6. Edit/comment: Sorry, I'm new in this part of the forum and I don't see the rules for "Ask Alvey". – Normally I would delete my answer, but I think it helps a little bit or give some nice ideas for the trip. – Sorry! Hey Chris, greetings from Germany. I have some personal problems with this plan, but I try to get what you want. First, the Questions: 1. 90% of all parks don't have a good connection to public transport. So you will need a rental car. (And you will love the "Autobahn" ) 2. Book a flight from Hamburg to Göteborg (Liseberg), daily for about 40-60$ and flight back to Amsterdam for cheaper flights to LAX or you flight to Stockholm and visit Gröna Lund, in booth parks you don't need a rental car, they have great opening times and have some of the best coasters in the world. (And from Stockholm there are also some flights so LAX.) 3. In European high you are 194/195cm. Some rides have these as maximum limit (or 196), but in the most coasters it will fit in. It's more for the people over 2m (6'6). 4. Klotten is nice, but not special. And the streets are not the best. – But Tripsdrill is an European Classic. Old, small, family owned. Four coasters and three special and nice one (first Gerstlauer coaster and the first Infinity-Coaster, also the Mammut-Woodie). The route: The point is: Europe looks small, but you need time for parks, hotels and the route. I don't get in the list of your parks if you want to count all the coasters or want to enjoy the parks with all there views, theming and landscaping. I've done all of your wish-list-parks except from Bobbejaanland (to do 2017 with Movie Park/Slagharen-season pass). First Park: BeNeLux: Days 1 - 2: Travel from Lax to Amsterdam, rent a car, visit Duinrell and go to hotel 3: Walibi Holland and try to get the new Gerstlauer at Slagharen (and you will have some Jetlag) 4: Drievliet and drive to Efteling, half day with night time! 5: Efteling half day, afternoon at Bobbejaanland 6: Toverland and Movie Park Germany 7: Phantasialand (On-Site to use the evening for counts!, special hotel opening of klugheim) 8: Holiday Park, drive to EP 9: Europa-Park (On-site!) 10: EP 2nd day (morning opening for hotel guests) 11: Tripdrill and flight from stuttgart to Hamburg or Hannover *) When the flights are in some stupid times, you can make: Day 10: Half day EP, 3h drive to Tripsdrill and 3-4h in the park for main attractions and flight in the evening/night. So you can safe one more day but its possible to miss something in EP. 12: I recommend a flight to hannover because you will drive better to Heide Park (see map) 13: Hansa-Park Then you want to drive through hole Denmark. Of course, Djurs and Farup are very nice (DON'T DO LEGO! JUST NO! (The old Lego charme is gone away, Merlin ruined it totally!)) 14: Djurs / 15: Farup (you can combine it with Tivoli Friheden, five special coasters and the worlds only really free free fall, because the park opens very long) /16: going back to hamburg (or doing lego) and flight back. But why you don't: A) Drive with the car over the famous Fehmarn-Belt to Bon-Bon-Land (Park Reunides Season Card inkl.; Day 14; or: 13 with half day at Hansa-Park) and to Kopenhagen with Bakken and Tivoli Kopenhagen (Day 14 or 15, booth long open into the night) and flight from there for one day to Göteborg or flight back to Amsterdam. (see map down) B) Flying from Stuttgart to Hamburg and have no one-way-car-rental, and flying from hamburg to Göteborg (and Oslo?), back to Amsterdam. I hope i can help a little bit. GoogleMaps make it really easy to plan the routes. The times are good calculated. I think you will need one season passes for a little bit of saving some money: Park Reunides: Free: Slagharen, Movie Park, Bobbejaanland, BonBon-Land; 50%: Efteling and 25%: Toverland PHL and EP will be in the Hotel entry and the most of the other parks doesn't have any great discounts/benefits for one-day-visits. Questions? Ask! Greetings, Eric.
  7. Hey folks! I'm on my first big trip through North America including over 200 coasters in 33 parks in about six/seven weeks. But theres one park I'm a little bit nervous about: Cedar Point. We visit the Coaster-Cpaital on the 3rd of July. The park opens from 10am to 12pm (in German: 0am ), or just midnight, but I want to (re)ride all georges coasters and some more thrill rides. So, do you think the park will be full? Or do you use the 3rd to prepare the parties? Do you have to work or gets everybody a free day? If I take a fast pass I will use the Plus-one, so I have the four main-coasters also in the package. Thanks for your help, greetings from Germany, thanks for answers, Eric. PS.: If you have some questions to Germany and Europe, feel free to ask, I visited over 50 parks in central Europe.
  8. Its getting an medival theme with a complete new themed area. Nothing special. Family Coaster, 4 Mio. Euro. But a great addition for the holiday world.
  9. It's not a 2 helices model, it's an 3 helices model. It will be located in the Asian part of the park near the former entrance.
  10. The park opens in the spring with more than ten new attractions. All former travelling rides. But no coasters.
  11. Sorry, but doesn't sound the last part of the blog like they will add something like an Gerstlauer SkyFly/Roller for the next season?
  12. 1. The Park build next year their 6th coaster: a spinning SBF visa group standard 2 helixes model. nothing special, but one more count. and everybody hopes there will be a great theming around the ride. 2. here are some pictures of the finished Miniwah-Coaster. Really great ride! Love it so much! >> http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1757188#p1757188
  13. My book is not available at the moment, so I checked the worldwide web for you. It's called "Meteor" or "Meteor Roller Coaster". After searching and checking different sources, I believe Mack built only one (or maximum two) installations. Your picture (see also more bottom) is from Zürich at a funfair in the late 1950s. Then the coaster cross the sea and built up in America, see (or is a second unit, but I believe its the same. Instead we will have more picture today). First RCDB-Entry: Sportland Pier als Meteor (https://rcdb.com/9089.htm) "An identical Mack Meteor roller coaster, if not this unit once operated at Zurich's Knabenschießen Bank Holiday. // The Meteor is believed to have traveled the German Fair circuit prior to coming to the US. It was advertised by Wedemeyer at the end of 1957 and presumably purchased by Ramagosa who owned Sportland Pier." 2nd: Freedom Land U.S.A als Meteor 3rd: Sportland Pier als Meteor (again) "The Meteor returned to Sportland Pier after a few years in storage and at least one season at Freedom Land U.S.A. This entry and dates represent the Meteor's return." The source of your pic is the EP-Twitter Account in/from April >> Then there was an reddit discussion >> And, funny thing, I found one more picture in color. But I don't know where its been take. Probably one of the three possible locations in the US? Can anybody help here? (http://ih1.redbubble.net/image.3346237.6743/flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)
  14. It's one of the first steel coaster by Mack. Like a Monorail Coaster. I have to check it tomorrow in my library, but I have a book with some facts about in it.
  15. And (I didn't see any post about it here) there will be a high-five-element with Big Dipper a few seconds before the final brake. (Ref.: https://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/10877-2018-neuheit-achterbahn-mack-rides-blackpool-pleasure-beach-uk-3.html#post229677)
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