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Belantis Discussion Thread

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Hey everybody!


This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Belantis, this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Belantis


Belantis Offical Website


Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy!






March 16th, 2010 - Belantis to build a Gerstlaur Eurofighter with 5 inversions

May 12th, 2010 - Huracan is completed



April 29th, 2015 - Gerstlauer family coaster to be constructed

July 5th, 2015 - Cobra des Amun Ra opens



ebruary 16th, 2018 - Belantis purchased by Parques Reunidos

















The Belantis Themepark, located in the area of the former "DDR", announced a new Rollercoaster for the 2010 Season.

It will be a 5-Inversion-Eurofighter...and from the artworks it seems as if the cars are like the ones on anubis.


Here`s the data :


Heigth : 32 Meters

Lift : Vertical

First Drop : 97 Degrees

Length : 560 Meters

Elements : Zero-G-Roll

Cobra Roll

Interlocking Corcscrews

Some Airtime-Hills

G-Forces : From -1,3 to 4,9 G`s


A little Artwork to get an impression (please scroll down):




Belantis call`s this already Europe`s "hardest" Rollercoaster...

Well, we`re gonna see...but for shure this will be a very good addition for that beautiful landscaped and themed park.

(If everything works out fine this coaster will be launched already in June/July 2010)



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So Georg, you were 1 minute faster so i added some other artworks from http://www.belantis-board.de/:

and the no-limits pic from http://www.bild.de/:

Like Georg said they mention that they will use new eurofighter trains with seats in a V-form like it is used in other new coasters (anubis) but i hope the redesign the eurofighters trains and they already have begun preparing for building it, you can find the first pics here . Hope they will really finalize it till july.

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really impressive simulation: http://www.belantis-board.de/stuff/achterbahn.html


by the way, in one press article they wrote ( http://nachrichten.lvz-online.de/leipzig/citynews/freizeitpark-belantis-neue-achterbahn-wird-im-sommer-eroeffnet/r-citynews-a-21964.html ): " .... Wer die zu erwartenden langen Wartezeiten umgehen möchte, kann die Bahn auch stundenweise mieten und danach im benachbarten Event-Bereich grillen, wie Job betonte...."


Translated it means, if you don`t want stay in the queue lines a long time, you can rent the coaster for some hours and have a barbecue in the area next to it. Never heard about a coaster which you can rent.

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Never heard about a coaster which you can rent.


It is very common and it is called ERT.


There is a common misconception that parks give ERT to large enthusiast groups just for bringing a group to the park, but those enthusiast groups pay by the hour for ERT.

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Is it me or does this coaster look more like a cross breed of Gerstlauer and B&M? Rather than being purely unique and special like all the other Gerstlauer's...

Also... I wonder why the lift hill looks so large? Anyone else thinking there is more to this that what they are letting on?

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Belantis is a really nice park. Had a great visit there last year. They did need a big new coaster though and this new Eurofighter should be it. For anyone who doesn't know if you view the park from above it's formed to look like a map of the world. The PR manager was telling me they would soon begin construction of the South America part of the park. I'm guessing this new coaster will be part of that area as it appears it'll be just below the USA section.


Don't be fooled by the log flume, it's crazy. It's possibly the most insane flume ride I've been on, we got drowned, especially when the boat was virtually going sideways round the whilrpool section. Also they have the nuts spin n spew from Gerstlauer where you operate wings to make your car flip over. It's also possible to do a Segway tour of the park, or just use a Segway on their obstacle course


Here's a link to a video of my trip.

Belantis Video

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And many Europeans would complain that the US gets all the big coasters (i.e: Intimidators)

^ Yes, I do agree! I do like our coasters, but I´m often thinking, when does we get some great and special coaster like overseas...


Where is X2, Sheikra, Tatsu, Goliath, Maverick... We have funny coasters, but after a ride you think often, why are they so short or I would like to ride a special coaster like mentioned. I think some differences are, that we don´t have so much space to built this large coaster tracks and the parks don´t risk to much (in financial way) ... for example like six flags and so on.


It´s always the same problem, you want to get what you don´t have yet.

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So first, here`s a first simulation :



AND I have to say I totally disagree with what I read.


What`s really missing over here ??? I mean, we have Goliath and GeForce, two EXCELLENT Intamin-Steelies, we have the huge Colossos prefab-woodie, we have our georgeous OTSR-free Blue Fire (who really needs Maverick then), we have nemesis and katun, two EXCELLENT inverts, the huge multi-looper Dragon Khan, the heavily themed Black Mamba (that became VERY fast and powerful by the years), think about G`segte Sau, that awesome fun and airtime-machine, BALDER (!!!), the little but "rocking" GCI El Toro...and so on.


Please, guys (I mean the REALLY experienced one`s who`re able to compare), correct me if I´m wrong, but if you just take a look how relatively close many of them are one to another...I think we here in Europe are blessed with very good coasters. And some of them are so well themed...


I`m not missing anything (which doesn`t mean that you have loads of good costers over there)


George "loving the european-coaster-selection" T.

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Wow this is a impressive animation, nice work!


P.S.: I´m halfway convinced or didn´t want to leave such a bad impression.

I totally agree in the point of theming and the quality of the coasters you mentioned. What I ment is, that we have mostly smaller rides or with less of elements or length than overseas. But I didn´t want to bleat. I have to discover most of our amazing rides outside of Germany, until now. So you could better form an opinion.

The second intention was to agree in what larrygator pointed out, the typical propensity to wish something you didn´t have, while you already have such great things...

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