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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Yeah the Ka crew was pretty good this year at least on opening day, if you don't wait the extra few minutes for the front so you can feel like the insides of your eyelids are being airblasted, you're doing it Great Adv all wrong.


Also, not one of you mentioned The Mountain? Who are you people?

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Might be heading to the park tomorrow depending on the weather which isn't looking too good right now, but then again it will probably be dead and a good day just to pick up my season pass


In other news I'm really looking forward to 2020 for Great Adventure and praying we finally get a new big non cookie cutter coaster, while I can see why the park might stray away from an RMC woodie since we have El Toro, I'd really like to see either a new launched coaster perhaps like Maxx Force. All said and done though what I really want to see though is the newer gci woodie we saw at IAAPA this past year. I would be really interested in what they can do with the new technology. Considering GCI is now saying they are going to make wooden coaster that invert and can possibly even launch. Something like that would be perfect for great adventure it wouldn't detract from El Toro much, but it would still be an awesome unique addition and I think we are in dire need of another wooden coaster.

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Went to the park today for a nice little trip and to pick up my season pass. Got to see wonder woman testing up close. I have to admit it is pretty impressive in action and it looks to be a great addition to the park. I actually had an enjoyable ride on green lantern in the back row so that was pretty cool. The new pant job on superman is looking pretty good, but I hope this attention gets paid to all the coasters in the park eventually. From what it looked like where the park welded the coasters in the off season, they did not touch up the areas they welded. It was especially visible on Green Lantern and Batman, which is understandable considering they are pretty old.


Wonder Woman doing a bit of testing today


Here you can see what appears to be off-season welding done on Batman where the track is grey. It was visible all over the ride


A little nod to my first coaster, still a pretty good mine train even today!


Bizarro was running really well with all the effects working.


I have a love hate relationship with this ride, I like the layout, but it loses points for being a stand up and killing my beloved scream machine. Regardless gave a good ride today!


Didn't get to ride Toro today, although I'm interested how the track work in the twister section feels. I do wish they would use pouches like on some of the rmc coasters so I could use my phone in line.


Nitro doing its thing, never giving a bad ride


And that's a wrap for the day! I'm glad the weather held out and made for a nice day at my home park.

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I gotta say, I absolutely HATE parks when there is an empty station and ops will make you walk all the way around to ride again... and not even exaduratingly empty, but literally empty...


Six Flags this morning did not disappoint. At Nitro we didn't even ask and the guy was even announcing over the speaker that if you want to stay on the ride and you are in an empty row you may do so. We rode the back row 5 times in a row without getting up. So good!!


One little thing like this made our day so much more enjoyable. I get so frustrated at other parks when it's an 8 minute walk around every single time. They don't take mobility issues into consideration, either.


Anyway, we had an awesome day.


Ka in the front row seemed extra crazy today for some reason, I've never felt a launch so intense and smooth from that ride. For the first time ever I'd say I even prefer it to Dragster.




Safari ride to ourselves (just me and my wife, we got a private tour!) no line at all the rides for the first few hours... unfortunately wind and mechanical breakdowns were a common theme but we got on everything we wanted minus Joker before 4pm.




And yes, that was several hours after opening. The park was a scary ghostown DEAD until 2 or so?


Toro only had one train so when I wanted to re-ride around 4p the line was crawling so I only got one ride in unfortunately. Had I known I would have gotten my skip the lines for that ride. Oh well.


The Lions on the "new" walkway were amazing and played with us through the glass (they were probably just hungry and wanted to eat us)




The baby bear they hand held was also adorable AF though I didn't get a photo as they were taking him away right when we arrived.


Only actual minor complaint was it literally took about 8 minutes for them to give me a bottle of water as a snack on the dining plan at the BBQ place. We were the only ones there and it took 3 people to come over to the register and about 8 scans to my membership card for them to get it right. Such a minor inconvenience but that's all I can really think of operational wise.


Tip: for those that don't like free water (I don't get the bottled water thing, but my wife on the other hand....) they cost an outrageous 5.49 (5.79?) ea or 2 for 10 at all the stands, but the vending machines still have them for 4.50. lol what a deal. Memberships would bring down the cost but thought I'd mention this huge money saving tip.


Hershey tomorrow!

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One little thing like this made our day so much more enjoyable. I get so frustrated at other parks when it's an 8 minute walk around every single time.


It's up to the park to decide what they want to do. I'd gladly walk through the length of an empty queue for another walk-on ride rather than feeling entitled to stay on the train if there are empty seats. I'm sure there's a reason for doing so based on past precedent from moronic behavior of park guests.


They don't take mobility issues into consideration, either.

Parks have made quite a few considerations for people with mobility issues. Using this as an argument to your original point is reaching quite a bit.

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^ Sorry, I should have said other parks --don't always-- take them into consideration and stictly stick to policy. I'm only speaking when it comes to rerides. A recent trip to SeaWorld pissed off an elderly man who clearly had troubles walking long distances and taking small steps, had trouble going up stairs, I was behind him going through the queue. He wanted to ride again with 6 or 7 rows empty on Mako but they said he couldn't ride again. The point was he didn't have an alternate access pass and wanted to be like everyone else... he wanted to ride again and they said no. That was just one recent example that came to mind.

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Queue Times is showing a 90 minute wait for Skull Mountain. If that is accurate, the line has to close to the ride entrance sign if not past that. I guess everyone who stayed away yesterday because of the weather went to the park today.

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