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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Queue Times is showing a 90 minute wait for Skull Mountain. If that is accurate, the line has to close to the ride entrance sign if not past that. I guess everyone who stayed away yesterday because of the weather went to the park today.

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Yep. It's spring break and absolutely gorgeous outside, not to mention there are quite a few groups at the park this week including this. Needless to say, its been fun watching people meltdown on FB over the crowds today.


But yeah, if you are there today (or tomorrow), my deepest condolences.


Update: current situation (courtesy FB Conn group member Vincent).



And (courtesy of "Stay Behind The Yellow Line")



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was down at the park for a few hours today. For the first two hours or so the left side of the park was empty, was able to get 6 rides on El Toro and front row on each of Ka and Bizarro. I, not knowing how crazy it got, wandered towards the other side of the park to see an absolute mob scene. While leaving, a security guard estimated the security line was over an hour just to get into the park.

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It’s been great, walk ons or 5-10 min waits, I know it’ll get more crowded as the day goes on but I’ve done everything I need in terms of credits. Zumanjaro (or however ya spell it) is closed once again so I won’t be getting to that. :/

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