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  1. was down at the park for a few hours today. For the first two hours or so the left side of the park was empty, was able to get 6 rides on El Toro and front row on each of Ka and Bizarro. I, not knowing how crazy it got, wandered towards the other side of the park to see an absolute mob scene. While leaving, a security guard estimated the security line was over an hour just to get into the park.
  2. Haven't been on the site in what feels like years, but I'm finally hopping back into being an enthusiast. Usually go to Hershey on Easter with family, but they aren't opening til next week, so we're heading to SFGA tomorrow. Excited for my first visit since spring of 2013, it has been a while.
  3. The park is going to ridiculously crowded tomorrow due to Skate and Surf festival being held in the parking lot. All festival atendees are given free admission to the park. This fest is supposed to draw close to 10,000. Your luck may get better once the show starts at 2, but the morning is going to be a living hell. I'm just hoping to get an el toro ride before I head into the show.
  4. I made it out to the park yesterday for my first rides on Skyrush. I followed the plan and went back to Fahrenheit first. This plan almost worked to well,we had too much time to kill before we could get a good line on Skyrush. By 11:15, I had got 2 rides on Fahrenheit and Storm runner, 1 on Wildcat and Wild Mouse, and 6 on Lightning racer. I then decided to kill some time in the Boardwalk because the place was dead. I had never been able to do much in the five years it has been open due to crowds. The Coastline Plunge slide really kicked ass. Going down backwards into the funnel on Whirlwind was one of the craziest things I have done. EastCoast WaterWorks was also a good time. My only complaint with the Boardwalk was the Seaquel. They were the worst wave pool and lazy river I have been in. The waves were small and not forceful and the current wasn't strong enough on the Lazy River. I much prefer Dorney's. After leaving the Boardwalk I got some lunch then head over to Skyrush. I was greeted with a very small line. Damn, this ride is incredible. I didn't feel much pain but it was uncomfortable during the excessive airtime. The ride will greatly benefit from re-worked restraints. I thought the operations around the park were great and the guys working Skyrush were doing the best they could with the crappy station setup. It was a really great day at Hershey and following the plan really does work.
  5. Crowds are low in the morning. Crowds pick up more in the afternoon but still nothing compared to any other day of the spring season.
  6. This is from a CoasterForce video of Terminator Salvation " Fun fact, this ride was imported from Six Flags New Orleans. Look up Mega Zeph and you'll see the resemblance´╗┐"
  7. My entire Marketing class tried to convince me that Kingda Ka wasn't safe because it goes faster than 100 mph. Then I tried to tell them that there is now a coaster faster than that and they thought it was a bad idea to have it in the middle east because it might get blown up by terrorists. Have to love public school.
  8. ^I know what you mean about parks on Easter. I was at Hershey yesterday. Walk on for basically everything. It was a perfect day for some great coasters.
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