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  1. Right behind the Nitro snack bar and Loony Toons Seaport, the kids area to the left of Congo Rapids. It's a thin piece of forested land that's been untouched since the Adventure River days.
  2. I cant even imagine the sweaty, crowded mess the Skull Mountain station would've been. That thing struggles in a 15 minute line, imagine how terrible it must've been for a 2 hour wait.
  3. As of yesterday El Diablo has been completely removed from the Rides Listings. I guess this is so long, and good riddance. I personally never had any problem with the ride, but the loss of Rolling Thunder for an extremely pointless queue and a carnival ride stung bad. Hopefully this opens up some land for a coaster in RT's spot in the coming years.
  4. I used to really appreciate that they left that track there, but now that they's a literal tree growing through it and the general area is filled with weeds, I wish they'd either clean the area or remove it entirely. It used to serve as a really nice memorial, but now it just looks lazy and downright abandoned.
  5. Ahhhh, I've been checking for the Pepsi wheel and nothing's been coming up. Guess that sponsorship was dropped.
  6. Does anyone know if the 2019 opening will include that ferris wheel that was announced back in 2009? It's the one part of the complex that I have heard about for next year's opening and it's looking more and more likely to me that it'll be cancelled.
  7. That sucks if it does end up being true. Aerobat seems like a mix of Kong at Morey's and Air Race in the same park, so to lose this completely original flat to that kinda stinks.
  8. How is the November 6-9 weekend crowd wise? Thinking about making a trip then but if it's mobbed I'm not gonna bother. One last weekend of Toro is tempting, though, so is it usually a dead weekend?
  9. That picture makes no sense to me, why aren't the season pass holder doubling the membership line? Not joking, two weekends ago 1 out of every 2 people in that line had a season pass and got turned away at the gate. Either needs a sign saying "no season passes" or a guy checking people's pass. Now this is a first world problem!
  10. Not in Jersey. The state is so draconian with laws regarding modification of existing rides that it makes it easier to tear down and rebuild than to modify. Look no further than King Cobra, getting taken down and shipped to Mexico instead of being modified for safety. Plus, it's a "two birds, one stone" type of deal. They get the NJ government off their backs and can still use the ride in a park (La Ronde) which needs it.
  11. Can anyone get out to the park and confirm that King Cobra is being dismantled? Multiple people have said on the Reddit, and more importantly, Screamscape that it's being taken down this week starting today.
  12. Sorry if I'm being an airhead, but exactly where do you go? This is what my homepage looks like My Passholder Website
  13. Can someone talk me through this whole "Member Rewards" program? I just activated my Platinum membership today and tried signing up in the park, but couldn't figure out the mobile website. Came home an hour ago, and the desktop website is almost worse than the mobile site. I can't find where to sign up for the program, the single FAQ guide they put out has a three bullet explantation that doesn't make sense, and to top it all off, they already screwed up my pass in the park today by not moving the dining pass to the new membership meaning I had to pay for lunch (boo hoo, I know). Basically, where and how do I sign up?
  14. I think it's more of a Street Racing thing, considering West Coast Customs specs out street cars and the cars don't look like traditional drag racing cars.
  15. Last year, the only coasters with lines were the two mistakes on the boardwalk. Batman and Nitro both were walk on-s, with rerides almost every train. Justice League and Skull Mountain were the only real lines, due to families escaping the cold.
  16. How are crowds looking this week? I'm going for the last time this summer Thursday, and have heard that the park has been slammed all week. Is it still worth it to go, or just wait until a September weekend I'm free?
  17. Where would they run it? The only spot it'd fit without going over El Toro is in the old Rolling Thunder spot, or over the river. The Rolling Thunder spot would cut off the service road that loops around that area, and the river spot would piss off the environmentalist that jump at every move the park makes. Edit: The extra skyride, I mean.
  18. There's so much land to work with behind El Toro it's not even funny. They could easily add another 1-2 entire lands to the park, including flats and coasters, without bulldozing anything other than a bit of Zumanjaro's queue. Althought, that path would be the only way to reach that area and would add yet another long dead end.
  19. I've always thought it was because of the park constantly changing hands in it's early days. The original ownership focused on the western side with the Boardwalk/Frontier Adventures, then the Time Warner ownership focused on the East with Movietown, then Premier kinda went overboard throwing rides wherever there was grass, after that Shapiro ripped them all out, and now the park is an amalgamation of 5 different visions for what it should've been. This park can barely staff all the food locations at the park, I can't imagine them wasting another team of operators to slightly reduce load times. Also, I've heard around here that the single station is written into the ride's operating program so using the double station would require them to change how the systems work. Rolling Thunder was left to rot to the point that it would need major structure work on top of retracking. It was so bad RMC basically said they'd have tor replace most of the structure to convert it. The bottom of the first drop was left there so it's trains could be placed on the track as a memorial to it, but that never happened so now it looks like something out of Six Flags New Orleans.
  20. Fright Fest 2018 Attractions have been announced, with two new mazes and a new show. Fear is replacing Total Darkness, and sounds like a generic pitch black scare maze. Reflections of the Dead looks much more interesting. Presumably, it'll be a mirror maze with scare actors jumping out from behind frames. The new show, Blood Drums, is a Blue Man Group show thingy themed to... blood? Looks interesting enough. Blood Shed is gone, but I'm guessing Cell Block 6 is replacing it, as it says it's in the Golden Kingdom now and people have seen props from the Freefall spot moved to the old Blood shed structure. 2019 addition in Freefall's spot is confirmed!
  21. I can't even imagine what a taller Giant Frisbee than Crazainity would look like. At that point you're reaching El Toro heights, and would easily take up all of the old Freefall location.
  22. Until there's free dining added to the memberships like my Combo Gold Pass currently has, I'm never touching the memberships no matter how many emails/surveys they send me about it. There isn't any immediate benefit to switching either, unless you're a big spender inside the parks and really care about a special ticket line.
  23. ^Yep, season passes get free admission to both parks, I believe. A shuttle would be very nice but IMO I don't think it'd see much use. Most people go to one park and not the other, and if it hasn't already been added I can't imagine it's that big of a concern to the GP.
  24. If I can needlessly argue semantics real quick, the name would sound much better/flow more naturally if it was "Yukon Strike". Still not an amazing name, but that extra "r" syllable is a bit too awkward in the name for me personally. Fighting over a name aside, this coaster looks great. The dive into the lake with Vortex wrapping around is going to be phenomenal, and there's going to be some great pictures of this coaster thanks to it's central spot. Now I'm just wondering if the biblical monster trio is ever going to be completed!
  25. I can't be the only one expecting this to just be another Fright Fest maze teaser? We already know SF is announcing new stuff on 8/30, so I doubt SFA will break form and announce their 2019 early. Plus, last year Great Adventure's Fright Fest announcements happened on the day of the eclipse so it isn't unprecedented for it to happen earlier.
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