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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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If the ladies (and the gents who lean that way) get Ryan Reynolds checking the restraints, then I want Scarlett to BE my restraint. Seems fair, right?


Seriously, though I'll miss GASM, this is a pretty sweet replacement. If they'd move B:TR over there, they'd really have one sweet DC/B&M land going.

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Wow, Green Lantern, like everyone didn't see that coming from a a mile awa- wait TUNNELS?! TWO TUNNELS?!


Also, is it me, or does the green color of the track in the concept art/video remind anyone else of the green shade that Dorney Park used for Hydra: The Revenge? Anyway, I'm super excited for this and I won't be surprised if they have announcement posters all over the park by Fright Fest.

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What park can say they have:

-tallest, fastest coaster in the world

-top tier woodie

-top tier hyper

-great floorless

-amazing standup

-only flyer in the northeast

-forceful invert

-classic racing woodie

-great intamin indoor coaster

-well themed mack mouse

-mine train with great airtime

-kiddie coaster themed after pirates

-kiddie coaster themed after looney tunes


Also, Don't forget about it's plethora of flats

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Also, Don't forget about it's plethora of flats


What planet are you from?


Great Adventure is seriously laking in the flats department (at least in comparison to coasters) and many of us are still hoping that we get a few new flats next year along with the GL coaster.

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