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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Yea, I saw that on the website this morning so I have been looking around all day for clues. Rode wind seeker after grizzly to see if I could see anything else but whatever it is they have it well hidden against the tress. I sware I saw some red coaster track back there, but don't mark my word! Next time someone rides grizzly take a look for yourself. Once you hit the turn around after the first drop look to the right behind the trees.

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Halloween Haunt XII news!


The new maze inside the left side of the Action Theater will be called "The Inn at Darkside Manor: No Vacancy". There will be a new scare zone in the Congo replacing "The Ruins" called "Primevil: The Kuru Curse". There will be a new scare zone in the Grove replacing "CarnEvil" called "Cleaver Brothers Carnival".




I really like these changes and the new scare zones will fit in their areas of the park very well. The new hotel themed maze also makes sense in that location considering it is on International Street with a travel theme to it.


In case you all forgot, the blueprints for "The Inn at Darkside Manor: No Vacancy" were released a few weeks back... here they are again!


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After watching the 2012 Haunt preview video, Kings Dominion certainly has taken things up a notch or two with this Halloween event. It appears they are going all out with the props for the new maze and the 2 new scare-zones. Hopefully, there will be another Haunt preview video before it starts the last weekend in September. I think KD shot the current video at the beginning of August.


I also saw last years haunt preview video (2011) and they stated the Iron Works (steam-punk) scare-zone was to include new props for 2012. I thought KD said it was adding overhead girders/steam pipes to connect the central "Generator" with the light fixtures and scene shadow boxes for 2012.


In honor of Chuck, they are adding 40 new fog machines throughout the park. I thought I heard Chuck mumbling about buying a personal radar to use to navigate around the park this fall.

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One year Universal gave one person per group a hardhat with a light on it in the Pseidon attraction. We had to walk through the water tunnel, and I hit a short wall with my shin quite hard. I can't believe how dangerous it, which is why said attraction didn't return, I'm sure.



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^Oh, I totally agree! Especially when you go to the other Ex-Paramount kids areas you realize that it's time for Dominion's to get some love. I was more implying that I don't think the typical coaster enthusiasts on this board should get too excited.


I personally love the idea!

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