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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Can I just say that I don't see snoopy anywhere on the moon.


I'm not very familiar with the moon's typography. So when it was mentioned that snoopy was on the moon, I was able to see it. I quickly highlighted what I saw. I know it is just the actual moon, but it is kind of funny that you can make out a shape that does resemble snoopy.





What I saw, because I'm crazy.

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I think seeing snoopy in the moon is reading a bit too much into it. Also the moon is not a planet... its a moon.



Thats a NASA photo of the real moon and look, same shapes.


I think they are announcing a new launch site for the US space program!


That or maybe the tallest S&S tower (do they have one)? That would be pretty cool.


Either way this screams 'launch' something or other.

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I was too mellowed out to really notice much of KD's kiddie area, so I didn't even realize it was lacking. Then again I'm not the target audience anyway. Kings Island's did strike me as the best, as often claimed, though.


I think it's entirely possible that KD's marketing department noticed the same shapes in the moon that we have and chose to cleverly use that to their advantage. Or not.

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I must confess: with this teaser coming from Kings Dominion and all this speculations, September 13 cannot come soon enough. I know I'll be visiting the park this Labor Day weekend and I will try to look for anything that's out of place, such as any land clearing or markers, or any fences that usually wouldn't be there. But I bet I won't be finding anything because these people are usually so good hiding their upcoming attractions until the very last moment.


When I first saw the teaser, the first thing that popped into my mind was "Planet Snoopy". Yes, I agree that area could use a little expansion and a few more attractions (I'm thinking their own version of the Woodstock Express coaster), but then I thought what could be so record breaking about Planet Snoopy? Maybe it is or maybe it's not. And here's another thought: where are they going to place this new attraction and will they have to (gasp!) remove an existing attraction to place it in?


Like I said before: September 13 cannot come soon enough.


"Here's an idea: why don't you just come to bed and sleep for days and days and I'll betcha that September 13 will soon arrive.

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Okay, all you riders and amusement park flyers out there, I've just came back from my visit to Kings Dominion during the Labor Dar weekend. It's been a whole year since I last visited this park, and I have a few things I would like to comment on.


#1 - I like how they did the Fast Lane on certain rides, especially the Volcano. On other rides, I saw new walkways constructed for the Fast Lane. And they actually have a Fast Lane for the Wave Swinger? I can understand having Fast Lane for the Windseeker and the Triple Spin, but for the Wave Swinger? Only at Kings Dominion.


#2 - Did Kings Dominion forget to announce that The Grizzly is thirty years old?!? I didn't forget; in fact, to celebrate this ride that has been around since I was in the eighth grade I rode it twice! And I also noticed that the queing line for this coaster was rebuild due to the Dinosaurs Alive attraction next door, so that makes it Four Times this coaster's queing line was changed during its operation. And speaking of operations, I thought the Grizzly ran smoother from previous years, but still had some rough spots.


#3 - And what about the two new attractions: Windseeker and Dinosaurs Alive? I loved the Windseeker and how high I was up in the air and seeing this side of the park 300 feet up in the air, but what I didn't like about it was the long line of people waiting to ride and how long it took the ride attendants to finally dispatch the ride. As for Dinosaurs Alive, it was nice to see Kings Dominion finally use a section of the park that has been untouched since it first opened its doors in 1975. Nobody should sell this attraction short because just when you thought you knew everything about dinosaurs, this attraction will show you that you still have a lot to learn, especially on the newer species of dinosaurs. I believe this attraction will be around for a long while and it was worth the five bucks to get in.


#4 - They closed Treasure Cave!


#5 - I don't have anything for #5, so go to #6.


#6 - After looking around the park, I think I may have spotted where Kings Dominion can place their next attraction(s). The area behind Chick-fil-a and where the now-closed Treasure Cave sits has amble space to put in some attractions, should this be for Planet Snoopy. There is a "Boo boo's Tree Swing" in this area which can be renamed as "Kite-Eating Tree Swing". As for the record breaking aspect, maybe it means the number of new attractions that will debut next season. For all those seasons I've been coming to the park, Kings Dominion has always provided a new attractions ( and in some years, two attractions such as they did in 2002 when Ricochet and Triple Spin debuted), so perhaps the record breaking could mean the biggest number of new rides that will be in the park and all for Planet Snoopy. Now all this could be speculation and what Kings Dominion actually does could knock everybody's socks off! September 13 cannot come soon enough.


Well, that's all for now. It time to make like my old pair of pants and split!


(waking up)"Huh? You're finally finished? Then come to bed!" (goes back to sleep)

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