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Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom Discussion Thread

p. 201 - Iron Menace announced for 2024!

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Love it!

As the creative and project manager for Invertigo at PGA, I must say I was very sad to see this ride go. But I must admit, I love the new name, I love the new logo…but still liked Invertigos colors. The memory of Invertigo lives on as a Tattoo on my left arm.


You really have an Invertigo tattoo? Pics!

Yea, my Invertigo memory lives on in my room with my Invertigo road wheel. I like how the new Stinger's logo looks somewhat like an Invertigo...or does an Invertigo look like a scorpion?

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Third, I hate to change the subject, but I just remembered this from my last trip to Dorney Park. I saw that the flat ride called "The Monster" was gone (just had a few small pieces lying around). So I'm asking around if anyone knows why and whether or not this ride will be back, up, and running.


It had a lot of work done on it, the ride was supposed to be ready by the end of the summer. At this point it may not be until next season until it is running again.

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I haven't been to Dorney Park since 2007 since Laser and those other kiddie coasters were around, but this might be what will get me to go there next year. Don't get me wrong, I like Dorney, it's just ordinarily not that spectacular in comparison to parks like Great Adventure, or completely worth the 125+ mile drive for me. However, I'd love to ride the newer things they've gotten in recent years, especially the last 1st generation Intamin drop tower left in North America and this intriguing new coaster. I'll be looking forward to next year!

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Dorney will be offering 'Fright Lane' passes during Haunt this year which allow guests to bypass the line once in 8 of the park's haunted attractions. It looks like the passes will be cheaper on Fridays, and the more passes you buy, the cheaper the price.


Attractions included in pass:

Mansion House Hotel

Psycho Circus

Club Blood



Death Trap


Terror Square



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Looks like the dinos are heading to Dorney.


Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is planning to step back into the Jurassic Age, literally, with the addition of a different type of attraction for the 2012 season: Dinosaurs Alive!


The attraction will include a series of stationary and automated dinosaur figures -- some 37 in all.


Most of the prehistoric figures will be less than 16 feet in height, but the plan also includes two 35- to 40-foot dinosaurs. They will be viewed by patrons traveling through a themed walking path approximately 2,100 feet long in a 3.3-acre wooded area behind and to the west of Steel Force.


The plan was disclosed Wednesday at a meeting of the South Whitehall commissioners, who earlier in the evening approved amendments to the township’s zoning ordinance that standardized zoning throughout the park. The amendment allows parent company Cedar Fair to replace amusements and add additional rides in excess of 85 feet in height without having to get approval from the township.


The commissioners also approved an amendment giving the park a go-ahead to expand its current parking area into a 6.75-acre parcel of land west of Lincoln Avenue. The plot was purchased from Lehigh County earlier this year for $2.75 million.


“The area where Dinosaurs Alive! is planned lends itself very well to this type of attraction,” said Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.


“It’s a different kind of attraction for us,” he said. “Currently, schools don’t allow students to attend an amusement park on a school day unless there’s some educational value to the trip. With its educational component, Dinosaurs Alive! will give us a whole new dimension. It will give us another little niche as an attraction to schools and camps.”


Plans are to begin construction on the walkway this fall, with completion of the attraction before the park's re-opening next spring.


Kings Island in Ohio, which is also owned by Dorney's parent company Cedar Fair, is home to a Dinosaurs Alive! park. It features 60 life-sized dinosaurs in a 12.5-acre forest setting, according to its website.






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