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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

P. 372: Serengeti Flyer swing ride announced!

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Oh yeah, there is something behind that tree. They are being very tricksy with this stuff. So much thought is being put into every little step. It is cool though... gives us all something to talk about instead of guessing. I love the little updates.


Yes, thank you for the screen shot! I hate grabbing video.

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I guess you can call me the official MS Paint guy for Cheetaka.


Im pretty sure that element in the screen grab is the element after the 2nd launch, which sorta looks like a figure 8 from above:


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Perhaps they won't allow you to re-ride for 30-60 minutes after your initial ride. In which case his statement would then become valid again.


Hilarious. I said this meaning that it maybe could be incorporated as some sort of theme. I could see Busch releasing a statement saying "The initial launch of the ride will be 75 mph, just like running the speed of a real cheetah while it chases down it's prey.

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^He's talking about the track that goes over the track shown in the 2nd video, not the track behind the tree. Unless I'm mistaken, that track is part of the 1st video clip, immediately after that launch.




Two more MS Painted screen shots for your viewing pleasure.


This is the section of track in question from the 2nd video.


As you can see in this shot from the 1st video, the section of track in question is the climb after the launch in the first video. I've also pointed out the track from the 2nd video for reference. Hope that helps!

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