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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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Thorpe Park have submittied planning application for the relocation of Storm Surge from Cypress Gardens to the park.


20th July 2010




In line with the THORPE PARK’s Medium Term Development Plan that was submitted early this month, application for full planning permission for a new water ride which would open in 2011 has been submitted to the Runnymede Borough Council. This can be viewed on the Runnymede Borough Council website, http://www.runnymede.gov.uk (ref: RU10-0638).


Subject to planning approval, the ride, produced by manufacturer WhiteWater West, will be located in the area currently occupied by Octopus Garden, with a theoretical capacity of 600 people per hour and sitting at a height of 64 feet.


Mike Vallis, THORPE PARK’s Divisional Director, comments:

‘This development will add another exhilarating dimension to our current portfolio of thrilling rides and attractions, appealing to both our core audience of 16-34 year old thrill seekers and families with older children.’


If planning application is granted Octopus Gardens will be removed leaving only the Flying Fish and Neptunes Beach as the only remaining childrens rides at the park.


To view the planning application click here.


Storm Surge at Cypress Gardens (Taken from the TPR Park Index)




Pump House Plans


Ride Elevations


Ride Layout


Ride Removals

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I don't understand why Legoland aren't keeping this... Or why it's not going to Chessington.


I've not ridden one of these, I've heard mixed opinions on them. I think Thorpe need a family friendly ride - but I think that needed to be a coaster which is multi-audience friendly. Like the MS spinners, but not one... since Chessington already have one.


Whilst I don't understand why Thorpe are getting it, I'm sure it will have a long queue as water rides are always popular and hopefully it will be fun. Weird place to dump it, though.

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I don't really understand this seeing as the park already has three water rides (one of them already being a rapids!). But hey, any ride that gets added to Thorpe helps spread out the people between more lines so it will be good for that at least!

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I still personally think this is a bad idea, to be honest we don't need another water ride and the removal off all the kids rides is just a bad step. The kids area is always busy during the summer and even the winter has quite a few kids in it. I really hope they at least relocate a couple of the ride close to the Flying Fish or something.



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Used the searchfunction, I hope i don't overlook this thread..

Just found this on a italian website calles http://theparks.it/



Thorpe Park

Le novità 2011-2012 per il parco inglese

di Deborah Begali (Hermy), 28 December 2010

Ci sono buone nuove provenienti dal parco inglese Thorpe Park. E' stato infatti svelato il nome del futuro Roller Coaster che sorgerà nel 2012. Si trattà di LC12, e dalle immagini dei primi artwork si può immaginare una tematizzazione catastrofica alla "fine del mondo", dopo un'esplosione nucleare.


La montagna russa potrebbe essere collocata tra Stealth e la "Thorpe Farm".

Nient'altro è dato sapere per ora, ma vi terremo aggiornati.


Per ciò che riguarda il prossimo anno invece il parco istallerà "Storm Surge", una Spinning Rapids Ride, traslocata dal parco recentemente acquisito da Merlin : Cypress Gardens.

Stiamo parlando di una ride di tipo acquatico, che ospita su ciascun gommone fino a 6 persone, e le fa scivolare da un'altezza di 20 metri.


Seguono alcune foto :




Article is owned by http://www.theparks.it.


Translated via Google:

"The new park for the 2011-2012 English

Deborah Begali (Hermy), 28 December 2010

There is good news from the English park Thorpe Park. It 'was in fact revealed the name of the future Roller Coaster that will rise in 2012. These LC12, and the images of the artwork you can imagine a catastrophic theming at the "end of the world" after a nuclear explosion.


The roller coaster could be placed between Stealth and "Thorpe Farm. "

Nothing is impossible to know for now, but we will keep you updated.


As for next year but the park will install "Storm Surge", a Spinning Rapids Ride, translocated from the park recently acquired by Merlin: Cypress Gardens.

We're talking about a type of water ride, which houses on each boat for up to 6 people, and the slides from a height of 20 meters."


Also here parkswebsite with the new 2011 water ride:



I'm very sorry that I doubleposted it.. I'm embarassed

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Hang on, there's a bit of confusion going on here. Here is better information on the news.


Project LC12.. We are pleased to exclusively announce the project name of the new 2012 roller-coaster! In a image sent to us by Thorpe Park (See below) the image carries the slogan "The End Is Coming" with a nuclear explosion in the background hinting at a possible theme for the ride.


The image also hints at a possible location of the ride, with Stealth located to the left, it could well suggest that the ride will be built on the new island located between the old Thorpe Farm and Stealth.


No other details are available, but when they are, we will release them here!

From Thorpe Park Mania - Thorpe Park's official fan site

Thorpe Park is getting Storm Surge opening next year from Legoland Florida. In 2012 they are now saying that they will receive a new coaster, codenamed LC12. LC could stand for 'Lost City' or something similar. It's height is expected to be between 45-50m as detailed in Thorpe Parks latest medium and long term plans. Planning Permission for the new ride has not yet been submitted.

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Thorpe Park to get wing rider coaster in 2012


Planning permission has just gone live and the plans for Thorpe Park's 2012 coaster have been revealed!


The theme appears to be a post apocalyptic fly through a crash site or something. Think of Reset at Mirabilandia, but a coaster going through the wreckage rather than a shooting dark ride. Here is some text taken from the planning application:


"The proposed ride and associated theming has been designed to provide a flythrough experience through a crash scene. The buildings will be themed with a derelict appearance and the theming objects include a crashed aeroplane and helicopter. These theming elements will be scattered across the coaster site. The theming is vital to the success of the ride and to enhance the unique ride offer at the Park."


On to the plans!


Plan of the track and supporting structures


Outline of the new island the ride will sit on


Coaster outline on the new island


New island in relation to the rest of the park


Side elevation


Station plans


More toilets!!






Queue line plan and styles


Photo, Retail and F&B units


Crashed plane theming


Helicopter, firetruck and other theming


Bridge connecting the island

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[sarcasm]Doesn't look like there will be much AirTime[/sarcasm]


On a serious note, that layout looks nuts!!!! That first drop/inversion looks insane, nice one B&M for coming up with a layout that is completely different to anything ever seen before....



downside.....yet again the UK gets another short coaster.....what more can we do to ask for a decent length of coaster!?!


So we have 4 inversions......

1\ First Drop

2\ Zero G Roll

3\ Corkscrew/Barrel Roll

4\ In Line Twist just before brake run


And the height is 126.64ft (small?)



Can't wait till 2012 though, I'll be there to ride this beast!


The Themeing looks amazing too!! lets just hope Merlin can pull it off again like they did with the Saw attractions.

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I hope these B&M wing walker rides are good, the Layout for Raptor at GardaLand looks kinda dull to me (kinda like everything else from B&M in the past 5 years) but well see how good it is after opening. I love the concept just hope it works out.


But this new ride for Thorpe looks really cool, Raptor looks like it has some nice themeing as well, but I really really like the theme of this one for Thorpe. Hope its good!

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