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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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the news never like to be seen to be siding with one thing


Isn't that exactly the point of news, it's suppose to be impartial. News is suppose to give both sides of an argument and allow the public to make up their own mind by being provided with the facts. Although I have to admit sometimes news doesn't end up being impartial, whether intentional or not.


In my mind the addition of the brain expert helps to hype up the ride. As well as telling of the potential dangers it leads people to believe this ride is a bit edgey, a bit dangerous and therefore even more exciting. I think they've done Thorpe a favour.


Of course by my comments I could be seen siding with one thing, I do work for a large news broadcaster.

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^You're right, news should be impatial and deal only with the facts, letting the viwer decide for themselves what they think about those facts.


I mainly questioned why there was a guy at the end saying about safety when the report was just about a new ride opening that the public might be interested in. It wasn't related to the safety of rides, more one of those light hearted stories they have at the end of the news to brighten your day since the majority of rest of it is usually so depressing.


In other news, Saw had a great preview day with a very dramatic, publicised breakdown involving celebrities, tears, paramedics and a panic attack, whilst briefly becoming the WORLDS TALLEST COASTER at 650 feet tall! At least thats what happened according to the news report.


Once again, the news report contains spoilers about theming.


Click here for more.

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I've just been to Thorpe but the ride is still down


We'll have pictures and video up soon, but in summary the ride are is very nicely presented, very densely themed and they seemed to be testing a lot of cars at once, so hopefully a half decent capacity. Once this thing opens it's probably going to be the best themed ride in the UK. Shame it wasn't open today though!



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From what I saw in the video, the ride seems, uhm....short.


Drop. Immelman. Over banked turn. Camel back. Brakes. Seems kinda like a waste.


Unless the video was leaving out a section of the ride that Thorpe Park didn't want the public to see. Kinda like when the Mystery Mine first opened, the "pre-lift surpise"

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In fact, there is a part of the ride that Thorpe Park don't want us to see! 30% of the ride is a pre-lift section. It consists of a steep 95* drop into a turn and round another turn and then into a barrel roll. Then it goes into the light, around a corner and into some brakes before the lift. That section is all indoors. I should think it is heavily themed. So yeah, there is A LOT more to the ride than just the part you can see. In fact, you only see 70% of it!

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Seems like another bad start to open season for Thorpe Park. I have a number of friends there today for the public opening of Saw, which apparently has broken down and will remain closed for the rest of the day.


Many of Thorpe's other rides are closed or have 2 hour + queues, that includes guest services and food outlets (even pizza hut seems to have had a 'break down').


Another great start to the year for Thorpe

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It's bad that Stealth is down, I mean it depends why. They may have found a fault with it and be waiting on a new part. I don't know.


Where it IS bad Saw is also down, its a brand new ride so it's to be expected to a point. I'd guess fixing faults is a learning process for all parks when they get new coasters, so when they are new it takes a lot longer.


Probably the worst thing from all of this is that with 2 main rides down, plus both water rides and slammer closed, the queues for the rest of the rides will be really bad. Not sure just how many people would go on the water rides anyway, but it would still help keep the queues down.

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