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  1. Tidal Wave Saw at night Saw in the day And the mighty Nemesis!!! (photos from fotowhizz.com and not mine)
  2. Heres some pics I found of Saw from earlier this year (http://www.mengsbizarreadventure.com/blog/?p=782) These were taken when Saw was on limited capacity due to technical issues and the queue was 4 HOURS!!! (there was no fastrack available for Saw at this time)
  3. I went on holiday to ??? at the end of June and beginning of July but can you guess where we went, heres a few clues. No Thorpe Park, we're going to Heathrow! Our flight to our destination is on here, but which one? Ok, heres a better look, the flight is one of these And since it was my mums b'day, i arranged chocolate, champagne and singing cabin crew . Special thanks to the crew! Here's the plane we flew on, if that helps
  4. Saw!!! /\inside /\outside These pictures belong to http://www.ukrides.info and not me
  5. Detonator - ive been on so many drop towers, even ones that are much higher than detonator, but there is something about not being able to see anyone around you and then the countdown. It scares me every time where rides like hurakan condor have failed to!
  6. Saw - over a month ago But Im going to California next saturday!!!!! (drools with excitement lol)
  7. i dont have a season pass as I live in England so it saved me $43.99 each!!!
  8. Thankyou, you just saved us so much money for our holiday to the USA in 2 weeks
  9. Stealth has stalled before too, here is a video (I imagine that what happened on Kanonen is exactly the same, except Stealth being taller)
  10. * From Fotowhizz.com Saw the Ride has loads, especially now that the trim on the MCBR has gone The restraints are a little tight though to fully experience the air time, fun anyway
  11. Stealth at Thorpe Park has something that is attached between the ground and the tophat and is apparently for lightning. /\
  12. Im flying all the way from London to Los Angeles at the end of June to go to some of the theme parks there, especially SFMM. I was looking at the Six Flags website and buying tickets on there is really cheap compared to on the day but when I tried to buy them, even e-tickets, it wouldn't let me since I live outside of the USA. Does anyone know of getting tickets any other way since $25 is a lot less money than $69 or whatever it costs Thanks in advance Dan
  13. Well, assuming you're leaving edmonton int airport, you must be going to London as that is the only destination that uses one of those currencies you showed From Edmonton int. Airport website (http://www.flyeia.com/flights/flight_planner)
  14. Some more concept art for the station and queue line: (from Thorpe Park Mania) I really hope that they stick to this as it looks imense!
  15. /\ lol, it always surprises me when she goes on rides, she's been on Detonator, Stealth, X:\no way out, Oblivion, Rita etc
  16. Yeah...same with the plastic shields on half of the bridge - still fun to stan on though!
  17. Well, since today was the first day of the summer holidays, and the hottest day of the year (29C), I decided to take a trip to Thorpe Park. At first when we arrived at 2pm, the car park was pretty cramed so we were like "Great, 3 hour queues", but when we got inside most of the queues were about 30/40mins despite being almost full! I put this down to the fantastic efforts of the staff, especially Stealth, which was launching a train every 50 seconds or so! The exceptions were obviously the water rides, the rapids were about 45, Loggers Leap was about 60 and Tidal Wave was 90 but other than that every thing was quite reasonable. As soon as we arrived we headed over to Stealth and since the queue was only 20mins we thought it would be fantastic to ride! Even after 50 or so rides, the launch still surprises me! My Nan who's 65 also completed her 4th/5th rides on Stealth today, she keeps her eyes closed but still loves it! I was pleased to see the smoke that appears upon launch return to the station, it was great. We thought that then it would be nice to cool down and go on a water ride so we went for the rapids - you don't normally get wet since most of the effects are normally broken, but today most were on! We got so wet it was unbelieveable. Next was Loggers Leap, again we got absolutely drenched but since it was so hot, for England, it was fine. Colossus looks so weird now with all of the nets and Rush is still closed. Overall ride count: Stealth 3 Rapids 3 Nemesis Inferno 1 Detonator 1 Time Voyagers 1 Loggers Leap 2 Anyway, heres the photos... We arrived to see this...strange, normally they oversell them so even Fastrack is unbearable Another breakdown Oohh, new maze, look out for my report in October/November for both those amazing events Heres a beautiful plant near the dome.. Don't intamin rockets and nature go hand in hand together... ...and again... Heres the view from the 'Sunken Gardens' Ohh, you want to see the ride...I see well.... ...heres the main element, 205ft of Intamin 'sexyness' But...heres what we all like, people looking ridiculous on fast rides... The front seat is just amazing Unless you're this guy who wants to shield his face Wow, we got to Canada quickly The amazing fun that is Loggers Leap Construction 100 degree drop, Canada Creek's newest coaster... I hope Samurai is rethemed next year of Canada Creek is split in half by that ugly mess... An overview of construction... 6 years on and its aged horribly Nicely photographed but horrible to ride... The perfect ride for today, 90mins though You can see why... Or...stand here and you'll cool down too Isn't it nice! Thats it... Alton Towers next week!
  18. Its making news here too, the other side of the world, here in sunny England!
  19. Heres the TV report on ITV London news; www.itvlocal.com/london/news/?void=194829
  20. This week Thorpe Park seems to be having a lot of problems and I thought you might want to see what happened to Rush. As of today, Rush, Slammer, Stealth and Time Voyagers are unavailable and Rush will remain closed for a month. Stealth stalling: Rush 'breaking' on film www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article1220389.ece Although at least staff were aware since Rush was obviously emergency stopped since it stopped quite quickly!
  21. Glad you had a good time...its always great to see it when people enjoy themselves at Thorpe as people normally moan!
  22. Rita goes from 0-62mp/h in 2.5 seconds and Stealth goes from 0-80mp/h in 1.9 seconds - thats why Stealth feels a lot faster. However i think Rita's average speed is a higher/same since there isn't a top hat!
  23. Unleaded in the south of England is currently £1.099 per litre and diesel is currently £1.209 That means (in dollars per gallon) it is: (if my calculations are right) Unleaded: $9.95783 per gallon Diesel: $10.9572 per gallon NOW THATS EXPENSIVE
  24. I'm sure Stealth (Thorpe Park) should be on there. It goes from 0.80mp/h in 1.9 seconds - only 0.1 seconds slower than Hypersonic EDIT: just realised Stealth wasn't open when you posted that
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