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  1. Seems like another bad start to open season for Thorpe Park. I have a number of friends there today for the public opening of Saw, which apparently has broken down and will remain closed for the rest of the day. Many of Thorpe's other rides are closed or have 2 hour + queues, that includes guest services and food outlets (even pizza hut seems to have had a 'break down'). Another great start to the year for Thorpe
  2. Women not knowing they are pregnant can happen quite alot. Ususally because the baby is small and lies on the mothers back, rather than near the front, so you don't get the full 'bump'. A lot of women don't have regular periods so its easy to just pass it off as another iregular, and swollen feet can also be passed off. The mother puts on little weight, and can go without knowledge. Still the mother and baby are reported to be doing well, which is good news.
  3. Some more information on the dinosaurs: http://www.towersalmanac.com/areas/rides.php?id=49 And two pictures: http://gallery.towersalmanac.com/thumbnails.php?album=482 And a general history of the whole X-sector site, its certainly seen some changes: http://www.towersalmanac.com/areas/index.php?id=16 Curtosy of Alton Towers Almanac.
  4. Hey great report. Was also there that day, but never managed to get to the halls of memories so was nice to see those pictures. As to your question about the Dinosaurs, I believe what is now X-sector, where Oblivion, Submission and Enterprise are now, used to be the 'Dinosaur land'. After a few years they got moved to the log flume for extra theming. Heres some info on it curtesy of Towers Times: http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/history/oldrides/dinoland.htm
  5. I also attended, along with many others from the Alton Towers Forum, TowersTimes. We all had a fantastic day, thanks to the awesome atmosphere on park, despite the dreadful weather! Hearing 80's music around the park was a really nice change, and we also took part in a enthuasist group photo which I will post, which was a really nice bonus to the day. I loved how much attention Corkscrew was given over the day, with certificates, photos, posters and tshirts. There was also a lot of media coverage which was great too! My last ride on Corkscrew, with a giant Zippy toy! The photo's had a l
  6. Another silly, 'zany' publicity stunt by Alton Towers. But I guess its free publicity, but surely 'cloud seeding', and the 'baby coaster' were 'zany' enough.
  7. Confirmed: Alton Towers Disneyland Resort Paris Parx Axterix Blackpool Pleausre Beach Possiblity: Thorpe Park Drayton Manor Chessington World of Adventures Oakwood Flamingo Land Port Aventura Camelot
  8. Unfortunately a broken down ride list like the one stated above is becoming a very regular occurance at Thorpe Park. The Park really seems to have gone down hill over the past year, blaming breakdowns on quite unbeleivable things. Its a shame because the park has so much potential, but they really need to sort out this major issue of broken down rides, which usually includes the parks top 3 coasters.
  9. I have a boyfriend of just 20(ish?) Months who i met at Alton Towers. We both like visiting parks, but we don't really discuss coaster facts and figures, just now and again we may discuss a few developments. And although we like visiting parks, we don't do it all the time, and we tend to visit other places as well. Admittably he's more into the whole coaster thing than me, i'm more into the themepark and fun element, but this doesn't matter in our relationship. Most of my friends think its weird that i met him through Alton Towers, but meh i'm happy. We have a shared common intere
  10. Iv rode it alot, and i personally rank it as one of my favorite coasters. It can be a bit rough depending where you sit, but some of the inversions are great, especially the first loop after what i believe is a good first drop. You do notice the lack of speed near the end, and the 5 inline twists can hurt sometimes! But there are some parts where you duck and i've under the building and they are great. I think its a great coaster, and lack of speed doesn't affect it much.
  11. Either: The Apply coaster at Camelot (UK) Dragon Flyer at Camelot(UK)
  12. McDonalds because they do Chicken Nuggets aswell, and i prefer their burgers. Although i prefer Burger King Fries,
  13. Joanne. Because my dad wanted it as my first name, but my mum won, and he had to settle for hypanating my name, (Kelly-Joanne) until they decided to just make it my second name. Pfft Parents.
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