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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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^ Fahrenheit's drop is insane?! Are you kidding? It did nothing for me. I prefer Maverick!


Anyways... I am a huge fan of all 5 Saw movies, and its amazing to see a theme park making a Saw ride! I can not wait till it is complete! This might just be worth going over seas for!



Not to get off topic, but I think it depends on where you are sitting. I sat in the back row on Fahrenheit about two or three times, and the airtime was pretty good. The third row was disappointing, I didn't get that much air. That being said, these trains aren't that big, so I don't know if the back rows would give you more airtime.

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Nice pictures. when I saw them over at TPM, I couldn't help to immaturely laugh at erection. It is funnier of you saw what was on the van. Sadly, the album with all of the pictures has been taken down. It's nice to know that the station is getting some depth to it now as before, it was a little flat. I am loving the industrial, corrugated iron sheets on the sides and all the random bits of wood. Most importantly, I love the blades! Hopefully they will spin but, I have a feeling they won't. Even if they had the capability of spinning, I doubt they would work knowing Thorpe's reliability with mechanical theming. It would be good if there was a sensor at the top of the drop. When the sensor gets triggered, the blades spin! That would be awsome.

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Sorry to double post but I come with more news and pictures. The ride cars are on site and we have a sneak peek at them right here! With these pictures comes news of a one-off ride test and other stuff like themeing! Here is the full article!


Well, Christmas is over and I’ve still got turkey sandwiches for lunch! Not, that I’m getting that much time to eat as we’re even busier on site this year than we were in 2008 - and we’re only 9 days into January.




THORPE PARK got a fantastic early Christmas present from Gerstlauer when we received a delivery of 4 fully themed ride cars. Obviously we were all extremely excited, well it was better than the usual socks that I get in my stocking, and put one straight on the track for a one-off test run on a rainy 13th December (the car that is not my Christmas socks!). What can I say…no really what can I say, it went round!




As I said we’ve been extremely busy recently. The installation of the compressor and pipework, which will help control the brakes and internal theming, is complete, and on the subject of theming, I can confirm that the main elements of internal theming are all now fitted and being tuned and dressed ready to scare you senseless when the ride opens. We’ve also fit two huge industrial fans which can be seen both inside and outside the station building and the disabled lift has been installed and commissioned.




Over Christmas, paving and posts were laid ready for the queue lines and we’ve almost completed construction of the main bridge entrance and water channel that will create SAW - The Ride’s unique island setting. Foundations for the ride shop have started to be laid and CCTV and audio/visual equipment is now being fitted both internally and externally.




And all this has been happening while the lakes, ground and water pipes have been freezing around us. I’m not sure how T. G. Cruse, our main contractor, have managed to work at all on the site over Christmas and New Year but they did and have done a great job in such challenging conditions. Let’s hope the weather warms up a bit soon.







Keith Workman




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Wow, he station actually looks scarier than the ride! It looks amazing...but so does the ride. At first I was thinking the layout was a little plain with nothing unique, but now that I see more pictures, it looks like an amazing Euro-Fighter, and probably the best! And, even if the coaster was boring, or had nothing unique, the line would completely make up for it. I also see some air-time hills.

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Though the fake blood's color is terrible, from what I can see, the trains do appear to look pretty cool.


I definitely see this being one of the best Eurofighters. Not quite as much theming as MM, but looks to have a much more thrilling layout...

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