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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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^ What the? Where did you hear that from?




The ride will have an age restriction of 15+ years, as it'll be heavily based and themed around a horror film.


Samurai will be re-themed into Canada Creek for the opening of the coaster.


Its unconfirmed but there is obviously a chance of this happening.


Here's the link.

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It sounds like the unlucky superstition of the number 13 will be a major part of the ride theme.


Nemesis has blood and horror-based theming, but it doesn't have an age restriction, so I don't know if this ride will or not...like it says it's unconfirmed.


Looks cool! This ride could be a sleeper hit!

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^Yeah, though with that extensive pre-drop session inside of a building, they could potentially turn that into a blood-spattered horror-house. At least a bit more than a creepy station and red waterfalls.


My only question is how they would enforce that age requirement if it came around. Check IDs of all questionable kids? checking height is one thing--kid stands and the op holds a pole next to them. Done. Checking age would require fumbling around with wallets/purses, small ID cards, etc... made even more time consuming if they had already "properly secured" everything and had to fish it all back out. Then they don't resecure everything and stuff falls out on the ride...


Maybe I'm over-complicating the system, but age seems like a tough measurement for coaster restrictions.

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Nope, they're doing a youtube serial that has a new episode on the 13th of each month. The first two are shown above (in reverse order). I assume the videos will tell us the theme of the ride.


Not the best video production, but a nice little series to keep enthusiasts entertained...

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I really don't think there will be an age restriction on this. I mean some dark rides have fake blood and what not but you don't see them putting age restrictions up. If they're was such gore on this ride, it would hardly matter as you'll be rushing past it as you are on a roller coaster.

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Was at Thorpe Park today, will post a mini PTR soon. Just thought I would upload a photo of construction so far.


As far as the horror theme goes looking at the teaser videos, I'm really looking forward to the ride. I think the comment about opening the curtains and revealing the horror may mean that a decent chunk of information gets released next month.


Just have to wait and see.


Out of curiosity, I just looked to see what day March 13th 2009 is (Stealth opened on March 15th), and it just happens to be a Friday. Dont know if its been mentioned before.


Friday 13th March for opening?


All of this track will be in the main station building, nice little drop out of the station too =]

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My only question is how they would enforce that age requirement if it came around.


Probably they could just assign an employee to sit at the entrance and do this if a family with a kid who appeared to be too young walked up to the ride entrance:


Employee: Hey! Whoa! Stop! How old is your son?

Father: 12.

Employee: Oh, he's 12? I'm sorry, this ride is not suitable for guests under 15 due to the use of blood and suggestive themes.

Father: Ohh...well Ryan, you wanna go ride Colossus instead?


That's how some of those indoor playground thingies with slides and stuff enforce a MAXIMUM age restriction.


As for those who would lie about their age...well, I don't think there's anything the park can do about them. A lot of kids under 15 don't even carry a photo ID...

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It really depends on the legal stance, should they introduce this minimum age limit. Do attractions like this receive minimum age limits that are legally enforcable in the UK? I saw a kid who was about 6 walking through the chamber of horrors in Madame Tussauds on Saturday. And whats the recommended minimum age for the dungeons?


The park could do some form of ID check, although its a little unfair to expect all 15 year olds to have ID. Its more likely the case that it would just have warning signs that it may be unsuitable for under 12's or something like that, since I'd guess not that many 11 year olds go to the park anyway without parental supervision.


Besides which, if there's no legal requirement to enforce the age it isnt that much of an issue.

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Basically, they took out 1 inversion and replaced it with an airtime hill making the inversion count go from 4 to 3. Simple as. About the age restriction, I highly doubt it will happen. I really want to go on it and if an age restriction was put into place then I would be forever disappointed, along with many, many others. I think they would probably just put a recommended age for riding which you choose to follow or not as the case may be. This is the case for fight night mazes at Thorpe so a strict age cut off point is out of the question in my mind. So far, the ride is looking great and I am really looking foward to future updates and the station!

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^^The video they have isn't very accurate at all. The pre-lift routine is verified by construction as incorrect, and I can't imagine some of the rest of the layout actually happening (a flattened cutback turn? Really?). I'd trust this vid a lot more. More fluid elements, and a (so far) true-to-real-life layout.



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