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  1. I think you are clutching at some very big straws there.
  2. If you submit a planning application for the house, it gets granted and then you build a house that looks different the council can tear it down. Of course thats what the track will look like, whether its B&M I doubt it but we will have to see. Can't believe the hysteria this is causing from some spotty little 14 year old kid posting from his bedroom.
  3. Europeans smoke a crazy amount in there parks France and Germany are really bad we have always noticed it more in Germany to be honest. Just seems the while stop smoking thing hasn't got there yet.
  4. How the hell can you have your two main rides down on the opening day of the season. This park has some serious issues its the same every year.
  5. I live about 20 minutes from Southend and this project will never happen. The main problem is that they have never been able to get the money, also there would have to be a lot more than a roller coaster up there to get people to travel up there. They have looked into getting a really nice restaurant up there with a top chef. adventure Island have put a proposal forward for taking over operation of the pier but nothing has got past the council. Its a nice idea but its just not econmically viable also its pretty windy and cold up there. To the person that said Southend is a dump, it really isn't that bad anymore the council has spent a lot of money on the town and the high street, it now has a huge university and two shopping centres. Adventure Island is a very succesful little family theme park where they build a lot of there own rides. Its no Brighton but its not that bad.
  6. Thanks Any particular way to get a cheaper deal because I didn't think they were that cheap considering the length of the flight?
  7. Great updates as usual. i was wondering what carrier you used to fly between Japan and South Korea as I'm looking to do the same kind of trip next year? Thanks
  8. Anyone know when this ride is suppose to open, I'm planning a trip to Northern Denmark and would like to ride this and the new coaster at Farrup Sommerland?
  9. I'd be gobsmacked if they get 25 million visitors through the door a year.
  10. You need to go to Scandinavia to see a sexier race all the women are stunning! There just are no ugly people!
  11. Not sure whether the park is getting a GCI or GG, but after riding Troy and Thunderbird over the last few months they will have a winner on there hands. They are both great family rides, troy a little more intense. Six Flags wants to get families back in there parks and installing a 200ft hyper coaster isn't going to get that audience where as a really very good 100ft wooden coaster will. Also the minimum £8 million price difference between a hyper coaster and a wooden coaster may have some effect in the decision as well.
  12. Do you not find the coaster trains on Bandit tiny, i'm 6 foot and found it quite tight?
  13. I'm flying out to Hamburg tonight and will be in Heide Park tomorrow, its making me nervous looking at those photos if its that busy on a Tuesday what it will be like on a Saturday....
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