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  1. Am stuck in eastbourne! perhaps they'll build one here 'incontience' the coaster...aimed at the over 80's market! ooow perhaps thats what the new yellow tracks for on main page! Cjx
  2. If you read the ride stats!...... WTF is a floating hump? Think I had one in Mykanos 8 yrs ago! ewww....
  3. http://www.atlantiscity.co.uk The coasters under project then coasters! Whatever happened to this? Anyone got any ideas? hehe! Cj xx
  4. My partner and I were in Japan in May 2008 had the same thing with weird loading here a couple! Evening in La qua: I rode thunder dolphin , despite a 30 min queue was ushered to the front of the line and made to sit at the rear of the train, sat there for five mins then they dispatched it with only me on it! lol Hep 5 Observation wheel Osaka - during a typhoon warning , they left a queue of schoolkids waiting and sent me and Ian off round on our own for 3 circuits in howling wind and rain! Universal Japan - Hollywood dream, we had fastpass ticket and again they loaded us first (bearing in mind this was ians first coaster and he had never ridden anything more than the dodgems at oxford fair!) sat us right at the back then loaded the rest of the peeps. Universal Japan- Jurassic park- again they sat us in the rear of the train half full with an hour queue! All a bit weird! - Thunder dolphin was a weird experience on your own! Crowds of japanese on a night out watching some Brit poof shoot round the track screaming! lol A great country but weird ride ops! lol Cj x
  5. Bought my WII fit at beginning of year! watch out for the yoga poses, i nearly got stuck and had to ring for an ambulance !!!! Best of luck though!
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