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  1. Well Swarm is fantastic. Suppose its my favourite coaster type.
  2. The spiders have not harmed this project, they have been known about for some time. It is apparently not an unusual occurrence for things like this to happen in the UK, it has happened before. The creatures will be re-homed and the development will continue. There has also been a lot of interest from investors so I am very confident this park is going to happen. Source http://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford_messenger/news/2013/april/3/spiders_in_paramount_move.aspx The spiders have also been known about for a while, so I doubt the project has been delayed too long. It just seems like a publicity stunt. Source: http://www.in2theqline.co.uk/2013/04/mega-theme-park-delayed-by-spiders/ Spain is not in great shape at the moment so I really doubt this park is going to happen.
  3. Was fortunate enough to attend the filming of Les Miserables at Pinewood Studios (to accompany my sister who is in the Lovely Ladies scene) and see the film at the cast and crew screening in London the night before the premiere. The film is breathtaking and it is no surprise members of the Academy have been giving it standing ovations. Having seen Anne Hathaway on the Pinewood soundstages it was never a surprise that she was going to deliver a knockout performance and be up for award nominations, I really hope she wins an Oscar. It's a shame Tom Hooper has not been nominated for best director at the globes but there is still the Baftas and Oscars coming up. He has delivered a true 'epic' experience, the scale of it is incredibly rare for a British film. Two other amazing films of 2012 are the Danish film The Hunt (with Mads Mikkelsen - La Chiffre in Casino Royale) and Life of Pi. The Hunt is quite simply the best film of 2012 hands down, it may not be showing in many cinemas across the world at the moment but it is a must see on Blu Ray and DVD. Mads Mikkelsen offers the best performance of any actor of 2012, he will blow you away.
  4. Paramount are not developing this park. They only license their IP's to the park's developers. This is being developed by a London based company. Honestly though, I am excited! If this does go ahed it will be a short train ride away.
  5. I never understood how they count the inversions for the 4D coasters - on X, for example, your body is upside down only twice. If this thing had more than 10 inversions, it would break the record as far as I'm concerned. EDIT: At the same time, the official website has a countdown for 165 days from now, so in March 2013. http://www.altontowers.com/2013/ Just to clear this up. What you posted is a link to our launch page for our new website, this is not in anyway part of SW7's marketing.
  6. LOL I've been to this place before. It's not a theme park. It shows people how the Jews used to live in ancient Israel. Really don't understand the need for wi-fi.
  7. Swarm's fire effect is now working! Also, LED lights and the on ride video will be in operation tomorrow! Image source
  8. A new recreation has been uploaded to youtube. Credit goes to Nemesis94DJW The headchoppers look awesome!
  9. Rode The Swarm for the first time today and my word it is awesome! The ride is smooth, fast paced and rather forceful in some parts. I personally reckon that this is (arguably) the most 'fun' steel coaster we have in the UK. More intense than was expecting but it is definitely not the most extreme ride in the UK, more of a fun experience. The right hand side of the train offered lots of floaty sensations whilst the left was more forceful. The theming also looks great up close! Also, the water effects seemed to be synced well with the train and the near misses on the left hand side of the train are very impressive. The length however was the only issue I had with the coaster, otherwise it is amazing. But Swarm is a show stopper! Definitely (in my opinion) the best ride in the park jointly with Stealth . I rate it 4.99/5 Will have videos and pictures shortly! Also; SAW - The ride was shut all day and X:/ WTF's indoor lighting has disappeared. On the plus side, no more chart songs at the entrance! The entrance theme has been resurrected/updated!
  10. ^It was only another merlin publicity stunt The dummies which have lost limbs are fake. Look at the other dummies sitting behind the mannequins in the front row and you will see .
  11. Those are the official plans I think you will find! Concept art comes a lot later on after they begin to promote the ride. From what I have heard from a few trusted sources there are multiple launch sections throughout the ride. I think this coaster is going to be wicked, definitely looking to be the most insane addition we have had since Blivvy .
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