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Thorpe Park Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

I think the theming will be to a UFO alien attack. I believe that the cars will be themed to a plane (or other vehicle) trying to get away from the invasion.




Also on LC12:

History points to 2012. The end is coming, this is just the start. It will come and they will not stop!

Notice the use of the word it (suggesting maybe a vehicle (UFO)) and they (suggesting something inside that vehicle (ALIENS))


Here is a link on LC12.net:



I believe the alien attack is the only one that fits all the theming (and the LC12 teaser image):

- Overturned Lorry

- Crashed Helicopter

- Explosion Destructed Buildings

- Crashed Plane

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Thorpe Park seems to have started a viral video campaign as a preview of their LC12 project. They’ve have put four videos online showing off a fellow at the park wearing a warning sign talking about Floods, Aliens, Nuclear Disaster and other Natural Disasters. The whole time the guy is pushed along with an ineffectual security guard person, which is kind of funny and gets some weird looks from the park guests.


Source: http://screamscape.com/html/thorpe_park.htm




Nuclear Disaster:

Natural Disaster:


Personally i think they are pretty funny and a bit original

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I think this viral marketing attempt sounds somewhat like what Hersheypark's Ride Istitute is to coaster enthusiasts where this one is to the general public.

The hobo and signs all over the park add a nice touch.

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I actually quite like what they are doing. Also, I feel it is made all the more effective not knowing too much about the ride. You only have to look back at Alton Towers when Oblivion was being built to see how effective a marketing campaign such as this one can be. Fingers crossed the ride itself can live up to the hype the park have now imposed on the ride.

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I figure it would be an infection of some short or an alien invasion theme when I seen the photos or banners on the supports on the coasters,I wished it was an zombie infection theme coaster though.

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'Les Coogan' the LC of LC12 has on his Facebook page, been posting these all day.. Perhaps watching a certain other theme parks efforts, but interesting still


62 .... 62 is the first .... code. What could it .... mean? Something that's been ... locked down, help me fine the answer, .... save them.


2 .... 958 is the next .... code I stole from .... them, the temperature is .... sky high now. We must .... crack the codes, 2 more to come


Quickly, I have .... the third code, 3343. We have to crack it, no big capitals and .... I can breathe better now, but time is running out


The last code .... is 4806, It points to a dark .... orifice deep within the .... earth, but the perenial message is Don't Look .... Down

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Yeah, I thought that was kind of pointed too.

Also "the temperature is ...sky high" sounds like a bit of an Inferno perhaps?

Something that's been "locked down", that sounds like a monster which has been tied down to me hmmm.

Don't you need some 'Air' to help you breathe in the third one?

Someone check the code names of Nemesis, Nemsis Inferno, Oblivion and Air please lol, or their serial codes.

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^ I have no problem with you advertising your own video, as long as you actually say that you are advertising your own video. Conflict of interest, that type of thing. Of course, my personal opinion stands for nothing since I'm not part of the moderating team.

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That track give me orgiastic scream. I am now genuinely excited about LC12... I am still not seeing the point of viral campaign, if the general public type in LC12 they can easily see the layout, or it is just a big build up in the plot of the ride, giving it an amazing story... It is good to see Thorpe do something right. Just look at the track, it is coloured right, not garish or overpowering and inkeeping with the theme (THANK GOODNESS). Oh, and by the way those codes are for how long in days those coasters have been operating:


6262 - Nemesis

2958 - Nemesis Inferno

3343 - Air

4806 - Oblivion


2012 is looking like an amazing year: LC12, Verbolten, Manta, Hersheypark's New Coaster, Dollywood's New Coaster, Etnaland's New Coaster, and this is all before the 2011 season has barely started... It looks like the parks are wanting to invest in the best coasters before the world ends...

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