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  1. Thorpe Park's Easter event this year is called MASH UP and features some awesome stuff such as Ministry of Sound parkwide radio, silent queue line discos and Animal bike tours. It really was awesome and the park is on top form this year!
  2. Here is a spolier video of the incredibly forceless ABC drop. I think Extremis is more forceful due to the size of the drop (seating 20 people, not 10).
  3. Right I was on park yesterday for the opening of Nemesis Sub Terra. The below explains the majority of my view. The main part of the ride is a complete let down, the drop really lacks force. But Alton have done the best they could with the equipment that have choosen. The theming is incredible and the ride has a great storyline. It is not at all re-rideable. 6.5/10 for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9c8OMOREe8
  4. Sorry to double post, but Chessington opened today for the 2012 season. The new attraction is a live stage show, Madagascar Live Prepare to Party. Looks like a decent addition but as the advert shows, it still lacks something in comparison to the Merlin siblings.
  5. My rather epic video of THORPE PARKs brand new B&M wingrider! I agree the ride lacks force, reminds me a bit of Thirteen. Still really enjoyed it though, the theming holds the whole thing together.
  6. In typical THORPE PARK style, THE SWARM broke down 3 times and I was on board this time!
  7. This should be a good addition to the park methinks...
  8. A on board POV has been released by the park! Looks good to me!
  9. I bloody hope this is not the final advert, simply shocking in comparison to what everything else THORPE PARK have done!
  10. Another video is also on youtube, it is a video clip which features audio of the SWARM monster screaming! This ride is shaping up into something special!
  11. Popped down to Chessie for the day on Wednesday and had a pretty good time. It was really nice to experience all of the Zoo and SEA LIFE without feeling the pressure to 'get to vampire' etc. This way I really experienced what they had to offer and was really impressed. Although us enthusiasts continually slate the lack of investment at Chessington, I never fail to enjoy my visits here - the park always has a nice atmosphere and there is always plently to do, even if only selected rides are open. The park was relatively busy for Zoo/SEA LIFE day, with bubbleworks getting a 45 minute queue a
  12. Jonathan Ross was talking about THE SWARM on his ITV show yesterday, he does love a good coaster doesn't he!
  13. Sorry for the double post, but this is pretty big news for a park that gets little to no investment! The park have submitted plans for a massive 'Rhino Rally' safari experience with all new animals such as Giraffe's, Rhino's and Flamingo in addition to the wonderful zoo facilities already available on park. The Ride will also feature a 3 minute animated pre show to brief guests upon the ride storyline and H/S regulations when the safari jeep is travelling through the animal enclosures. The theming is bog standard 'African', but looks fairly extensive!
  14. Paulton's today released details of their new attraction for 2012 - MAGMA. It's a heavily themed rotating shot n' drop tower with a impressive height of 25m. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdvpb8uS6EI
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