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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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So, is Six Flags going to wait until April to switch the Darien Lake website to their format?


Judging by what they did with Frontier City’s site, no.


As someone who can understand the anticipation, I think my bigger concern is that I have yet to be able to upgrade my gold membership to something a little better than the baseline membership. I tried several times to try and take advantage of those sales they do so frequently but have since given up since I continue to get an error.


For me I think that’s been a big reason that all the “changing over to six flags” stuff has been something I’ve been paying close attention to. For others, it may just be the excitement of a big name in the amusement industry being back in the Buffalo area or something like that, I can’t speak for everyone. Perhaps I’m too optimistic?

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Although it’s strange that they still haven’t switched over the website, what I find a bit weirder is some of the posts on their social media. Look at their most recent Facebook post for example. They are literally still making posts with the “Darien Lake” logo, although they’re officially SFDL now.


Here’s yesterday’s Facebook post. Can’t believe they’re still using the old logo!

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One question people had, confirmed

I don't know that anyone was asking whether it used to be called Superman Ride of Steel in 2005.

I'm rather certain of it that he meant that as a joke.


Hang on while I park my Delorean

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To start, that sign is rather funny. I wouldn't be surprised if a similar sign appears this year at SFDL at all.


Also, while I know this is a bit trivial, I thought it was funny so I'll point it out anyways. Anyone notice that the satellite image for SFDL on Google Maps is still outdated? It still shows Thunder Rapids instead of Tantrum like its 2016. lol

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^ It updated a little before 2017 opening day I believe, if you dig deep enough you can find Tantrum being built in the snow. I think it's on the county's site.

Hhhm, that sounds rather interesting actually (wow, I'm a nerd lol). Where can I find the version with Tantrum being built in the snow?

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Find Darien on this map and it shows Tantrum in at least April.

Also those operations are really bad on that day, they were dipatching Tantrum like no tomorrow everytime I went. The queue was filled and I waited <30 minutes.

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