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  1. Rode it this past sunday. The "death turn" that got the titan track just might be the smoothest part of the ride now. Its amazing how much that helped. As for the speed, it honestly felt pretty similar if you ask me...
  2. The fact that the park is in Genesee County could be super beneficial to getting the park back open sooner. Honestly I was somewhat surprised that they labeled it as the Finger Lakes region, given its close ties with WNY. If the park was in Erie County, the wait would be so much higher for a park opening, if at all. Here’s to hoping that the Phase 1 numbers don’t get nasty, and we can progress to an opening of some sorts!
  3. You’d be surprised, when I worked there in 2018, attendance was actually quite high on weekends. I honestly think it may lead to a more crowded SFDL this season...but i’m sure they still will refuse to run 2 trains on coasters On another note, while I worked there, I observed all the changes made by Apex. They modernized almost every aspect of operation, which is great. The main issue was that it seemed that they wanted to over-commercialize the place, and strip it of many of its core values, like free parking and low prices. The family-run atmosphere was gone, and things behind the scenes were really running into the ground. Maintenance was a joke, and it almost seemed as if management really didn’t keep a close eye on all the issues happening around the park. The visiting public sure noticed and I often heard complaints. I’m honestly not surprised in the slightest about this news. It was destined to happen with the way Apex wanted to run the place.
  4. I worked there back in 2018....crazy to think that my final of many rides in Silver Comet was a quick one during my lunch break that year. So sad and so sudden.
  5. Just heard about the news, very sad. Makes me wonder if SFDL could see a jump in attendance and revenue, since it is now the Buffalo area’s only theme park.
  6. Here’s the better part. They didn’t even see a crane. That’s an old photo from construction of Tantrum. At the time this “new photo” was posted around, it was just after a snowstorm, yet there’s zero snow in the photo. It’s 100% fake news.
  7. They still “switch” from red to blue on Bullet. The issue seems to be that this year they messed up where each color bulb was installed, or the way they wired each section up this year, which is leading to the awkward blue and red combo.
  8. ^ Another thing I forgot to mention. As of this past Saturday, every car on ME’s wonderful train now has a massive piece of duct tape holding up something underneath the seats. Not sure what on earth it could be holding up but yeah, just when we thought that thing couldn’t get worse. I haven’t really realized just how rough ME is doing. I’ve never seen a coaster in this bad of shape I don’t think. The track is white and rusty in many areas now, the lift is crazy slow, and then there’s the train of two colors, not perfectly paired with large amounts of duct tape under each seat. Really makes me wonder how on earth that thing passed inspection this year. I swear it’s running worse than ever this year too.
  9. I didn't really experience FF too much last year, and didn't do any houses/mazes last year. I went Saturday and DID do all the paid attractions, and I was seriously impressed and surprized with how much attention t detail went into the houses, especially Jungle Apocalypse and Corridors of Chaos. I was seriosly amazed with how good they were, as much as more actors would have been nice. Scumshine was pretty decent, and Hotal Terror was the lowest on my list. Very few actors in it, and overall just not as well-themed as the others. On the other hand, the scare zones around the park were a joke. Screampunk was pretty much nonexistent, and Voodoo Curse had maybe 2 or 3 actors. The final scare thing at the entrance was completely gone when I got there at 11:05. Rides open until 11 was fantastic. That 11:00 front row RoS lap was pretty fantastic, as was the late night backwards SkyScreamer ride. Overall, there's a lot that could be worked on, staffing, theming around the park, etc.....But there's a lot that was really good, specifically Jungle and Corridors, as well as the whole area around it, which was fantastic, given the usual half-a$$ing that we all know and love at Darien Lake. I'm excited to head back to FF hopefully in the coming weeks, as it truly was a very positive experience in my opinion. Had to post this beautiful photo I got of SkyScreamer in all of its backwards glory While all the other coasters were lights-off, RoS was fully lit up all night long!
  10. Honestly Viper seems to be running better this year than it has in years past. Now if only they’d get the second trains running on it. Some days it’s very hard to get a ride on it since the line gets to easily over an hour, from it’s long duration.
  11. Thank you, one train with waits like that is beyond ridiculous. If this isn’t something on SF’s list to fix, i’m a bit worried about how blind they are.
  12. Haymaker, why do you think wanting some sort of teaser is really that out of whack? Literally all the other Six Flags parks have been teasing to at least some degree except for us. It’s not that strange of people to want/expect some teasing from the park.
  13. Agreed. That way, we can maybe get that S&S Freespin. (Gosh I hope they add one) As much as a Freespin would be fantastic, i’m more of a Giant Discovery kind of guy
  14. Here’s my way of thinking about it. Yes, there are 3 parks without the Superman/DC branding. But all 3 of those parks do not have the Six Flags name or a hyper coaster that was clearly themed to it at one time. We have the Six Flags name and “Ride of Steel”. It only makes sense.
  15. I mean it makes 100 percent sense to theme it back to Superman. Six Flags just bought a park with a red and blue Intamin hyper named “Ride of Steel”, and SF has the deals to use the Superman name. It’s only a matter of time but there’s no way in hell that we’ll never see that theme come back. It just wouldn’t make sense.
  16. From my experiences i’ve noticed the same thing. RoS and Viper need it the most. And honestly Viper needs it worse than RoS. Viper’s line was a solid 2 hours last weekend. A long ride duration along with slow ops just makes that line ridiculous. RoS’s crew at least seems to realize they need to move fast in order for the line to move. They’ve done a great job this year from my experiences and have been keeping the line manageable with one train. Viper though.....
  17. I've heard 2 things with trains. I've heard "They still have them all" and "They sold all the second trains to have enough money to run the park" I can't imagine them selling trains to make money, but at the same time.....if they have all the second trains still and attendance is up, then why not use them? Y'all dont pay attention around here to the people in the know (not me) that post here. Its been stated that all coasters (except ROS) still have at least 2 trains and they are rotated yearly. Viper and Tantrum have 3. Its also been stated that the old Predator and ROS trains are/were around. That’s what begs the question: why not just use both if obviously they keep both operational. Especially this year with larger crowds than in years past, along with Six Flags’ larger budget. Makes zero sense.
  18. I've heard 2 things with trains. I've heard "They still have them all" and "They sold all the second trains to have enough money to run the park" I can't imagine them selling trains to make money, but at the same time.....if they have all the second trains still and attendance is up, then why not use them?
  19. Here's my take on this.....I don't think they'd re-theme RoS to anything other than Superman. Think about it this way: Who, besides enthusiasts, call it "Ride of Steel"? Literally nobody. 20 years later and pretty much every park visitor refers to it as "The Superman". Say it was re-themed to The Flash.....great idea, but legit every non-enthusiast SFDL guest will still call it "The Superman", guaranteed.
  20. Maybe even a small water slide or splash pad, then you can factor in money for new trains and paint for ME AND RoS, as well as a return of Superman. That would be an amazing step towards getting the park back up to the SF standard. And honestly ME isn’t even rideable anymore, it’s gotten TERRIBLE this year. New vest restraints might be the way of saving the thing. Even last Sunday when the park was flat out PACKED and everything had a crazy long line, ME was a walk-on, in years past it would still be at least in all the station switchbacks in days like that. Shows that even gp are realizing truly how bad it has somehow gotten this year, not to mention that disaster of a train that they are running this year.
  21. Well, as you can tell, I tried getting some info out of him lol. Was worth a shot But either way, wnycoasters has replied to instagram posts of DL with info and stating he has connections as well. Who knows, maybe he’s actually legit. Would be nice if we’re actually getting something big in coming years.
  22. No, CP uses their version of Grizzly Run as a corn maze. The trough where the rafts and water usually are is drained and lined with corn stalks. Fright Fest isnt a kids oriented event anyways so who cares if its normally a family area. Grizz is in that section that as fully blocked off last year during Fright Fest. Rowdy’s ridge and Mind Eraser were all closed, so unless they were to find a way of having enough workers to keep that area open, not sure if they’d want to do that.
  23. I just can’t see that happening. It would be pretty cool, especially with some cool lighting and sound effects themed to a night street race or something. I mean, it would be a HUGE cost for a park like DL. Also, it was mentioned earlier that they are adding a fourth haunted house. They use that building for one, and now especially with another I can’t see where they’d fit all 4 houses for fright fest by losing their biggest available space. But that would really be awesome to see!
  24. Honestly i’d be scared to know how that line would be if it was moved into a more prime location at the park. That line always seems to move slow as molasses when I’m there. Slow ride ops combined with one 12-seat train causes total shot capacity. Leave it somewhere in the back of the park so it’s still ride-able.
  25. The only place I think they'd move it to is across the street next to the remains of cuda falls. I can't imagine they would move that coaster somewhere else just because of a power issue. I'm sure it would be cheaper to just upgrade the power, rather than move the whole thing across the park, possible demolish rides, and level out the area. Though I can see the power issue being plausible, as my friend who works for the park said that twister (rip) was not running a lot because it drew too much power, and would take away from the power capacity that the water park needed. It would be interesting to know how much it would cost to move it in its current state. The thing has looked as if it were a temporary install since 2008 when it opened I cannot imagine it being too hard, since it isn’t actually planted into the ground. It’s laying on wood over the old pool. That being said, I can’t see Ranger’s plot being big enough to house the coaster, a station, and the queue. The only option would be the Cuda hill but the cost to re-shape that land must be astronomical. Honestly the best option at this point would just be to remove it. Too unreliable, capacity is crap, its not in the greatest shape anymore, and since it’s a prototype, it isn’t designed to last forever.
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