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  1. UPDATE: It appears Six Flags is are-uploading all the coaster POVs. The just uploaded Boomerang, even though there is already a POV of it from like 2015 on the channel.
  2. The park finally decided to post Tantrum’s POV on their YouTube channel. The channel still has the old Darien Lake logo which I found interesting: https://youtu.be/uiSSknSsps8
  3. If you’re just seeing the falls I’d recommend the American side actually. The city is a total dump but the American side has the better, more up-close views. If you want anything else got to Canada, they have a real city at the falls.
  4. ^ Agreed. The American side of the falls is a total dump besides a casino and Niagara Falls state Park. Go to Canada if you want to enjoy all Niagara Falls has to offer. But yes, do Maid of the Misr, it’s amazing.
  5. I’m wondering why they made one “frankentrain” when they knew they were going to get the other train ready for the year as well. Very strange indeed but it certainly looks like a train planned on being used this year. If it was just for spare parts there’s no way they’d put all the wheel carriages and all of the seats out. It would be in the maintenance shop. I also noticed when I zoomed in at least a few new shiny wheels installed on those parts. Looking like good news for ME! Like you said, props to them for making it happen. Anybody that can do the impossible by adding a second train to a Darien Lake coaster deserves some real credit!!
  6. As for Monday, yeah. Expect a lot of school buses in the parking lot (such a miserable sight pulling on lol). Expect wayyyy too many school kids. Your gold season pass should work for free parking and admission here at SFDL. Enjoy your trip here!!!!
  7. Is ME or any other coaster getting a second train prepped for this season or is this rehab work for next season or later?
  8. This is exactly what I thought it was. An old train from another park that they can just throw on the tracks and let it run. Like their way of saying “we heard you, here’s that second train you wanted so bad”. I’d love for Mind Eraser to get the SFNE treatment but that won’t happen this year. If anything I’m glad they’re at least making an effort - even if it’s minimal - to get coasters running at a higher capacity I zoomed in on the photo of the cars and I can tell it’s just an older SLC train. Still a fantastic thing to see if it means Six Flags is determined to get 2 trains back on at least one or two coasters. I’m shocked though that it’s ME out of all coasters here. If anything Viper needs it the most. Viper’s long ride duration just makes the wait for one train insane sometimes.
  9. Aaaaand i spoke too soon. Back to being closed. By the way, when I was at the park 2 weeks ago, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was open but running only the red side all 3 days. Has the blue side been running at all this year??
  10. Another thing I just noticed: Gemini is finally back open after seeming to have a rough few days. Wow that downtime chart looks ugly
  11. It’s been like that for a few years now. They sandblasted the track in 2016 I believe in preparation for painting, but then, in true Darien Lake fashion...never actually got painted.
  12. Has anybody been on SkyScreamer yet? Just wondering how long the wait time typically is, given it’s brand new.
  13. 2 train op Sunday and Tuesday...I'm sure it was Monday as well. Not sure if they've gone back up to 3 since then. For the record on Tuesday I stood in line for an hour and made it through the last section of switchbacks to the very beginning of the tunnel. Probably would've been close to 2 hours if I didn't hop out. Last weekend I was at the park Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was running all 3 trains each day and the dispatches were impressively fast. The line moved much quicker than the posted wait time in most cases too.
  14. Now that I’m thinking of it, Manum was closed earlier in the day for an hour or two. Wind changed direction later in the day I assume, because it opened up around noon. So did Gemini as well. Another thing I noticed: is WindSeeker ever open anymore? Yesterday the winds seemed fine, Sky Ride was open, yet WindSeeker was closed the whole day. Same thing all 3 days I was there last year.
  15. So I figured I’d spend a few hours on the park before driving home today. Dragster was down all day, somebody said it broke, but I have a feeling the crazy high winds played a part in its closing. GateKeeper and Raptor closed all day for wind. Anyone know why those two close for wind but many taller rides stay open? Found it a bit strange. Got on Millennium Force and Steel Vengeance today before leaving, SV running as amazing as usual and Millie seemed to be running faster than I’ve usually experienced.
  16. Update: Valravn just re-opened and already has accumulated a 90 minute wait.
  17. Wow. The park is absolutely PACKED. I had to drive to a restaurant off-site because literally every single food line is at least an hour. On the plus side, I got stuck on Valravn’s brake run for 20 minutes and got a skip-the-line pass as payment for being choked by those vest restraints for so long. Valravn has been closed since this incident.
  18. I was at the park for an hour last night after driving in from Buffalo, I was amazed by how dead the place was, since i’m NEVER at the park this early in the season. I rode Mille twice, the “magic gate” was open, and then did SV with only a 45 minute wait. I’m going back today, about to leave, hoping for light crowds!!
  19. Tantrum didn’t even get basic spot lighting, that thing is totally left in the dark at night. Such a shame becuause Gerstlauer coasters can have some impressive lighting packages.
  20. This was posted on the park’s Twitter, that lighting package looks AMAZING
  21. Wait....there’s music playing IN the stations now? That’s kinda cool!
  22. Glad to hear the ride ops are allowing for comfort and airtime again, when I was there last week, the RoS was stapling ridiculously, to the point where the lap bars were so tight that it was painful.
  23. ^Not to mention the RoS crew this year seems to be painfully slow at dispatching trains to begin with. When there was no resetting lap bars it STILL took over 5 minutes.
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