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  1. Was SkyScreamer testing today or something? Why were the seats so high up the tower?
  2. Does anybody know what’s up with the lack of music in the park this year? All the speakers are still there, just Six Flags doesn’t seem to want to use them, which doesn’t seem like something they’d do. Maybe a new speaker system is coming soon??
  3. I can see both going in the VERY near future. One has been open for a total of few days in the past 2 years and the other looks like hot trash.
  4. It also wasnt doing its backwards cycle this weekend. aaaand the best part of the ride is now gone too lol, I swear that thing loses something every year. Just wait, in 2020 the queue house will be gone. In 2021, half the cars will be gone. It honestly wouldn’t shock me.
  5. Forgot to mention, noticed that Pirate was closed all day yesterday while I went to the park....When was the last time Pirate was actually OPEN?? September 2017?? Kinda seems like it’s the next ride out, I mean we’ve already seen this trend of a ride being SBNO long-term then getting removed the next year, wouldn’t shock me. I’d want to see Sleighride go with it at this point. That thing looks ridiculously trashy. They really couldn’t get a new tarp for the roof or add the decorations back, or maybe the freakin sign back onto the queue house?!
  6. I guarantee when Six Flags finally adds Darien lake to their website, the description for Rolling Thunder will unfortunately say “loop coaster”
  7. That’s why i’m glad they updated them this year, people are able to unbuckle them no problem now, makes everything move much faster.
  8. Also did anyone else notice the brand new seatbelts on Rode of Steel and Tantrum? A nice touch since I remember some of RoS’s belts being in pretty rough shape by the end of the season. Tantrums new belts seem to be easier for the GP to understand how to open them, identical to the ones seen on RoS last year. RoS’s new ones are a bit different but similar.
  9. Noticed the same thing with the sound system while I was there, dead quiet. Also, I couldn’t connect to the in-park wifi whatsoever. Didn’t even appear as a wifi option.
  10. I’m aware of how negative that post was and I am very understanding of the fact of all new management, but come on. My whole experience was flat out ridiculous. They couldn’t even be ready for their opening weekend at all?? I’ve attended many opening weekends, whether it’s at Darien Lake or Fantasy Island and I have never had this low of an experience at any of them. This isn’t Six Flags’s firts rodeo, I expected more from them, and from what I heard being muttered in the lines, it sounds like everybody there expected more. Oh well, hopefully it’ll improve when I go on the 18th for SkyScreamer.
  11. Forgot to add, another thing I noticed was the lack of security and metal detectors. At this point in our world, it’s becoming a necessity. Frontier City added them this year, why not Darien??
  12. So I decided to check out the park and all of the great changes (HA) that they had in store. Let's just say this was the most disappointing visit I have ever had at Darien Lake. As soon as I arrive, I see the daunting list of ride closures, and some rides not even close to ready for the year (Blast Off in particular, with no ride vehicle). I also notice the horribly cracked blacktop, far worse than years past, and the lack of paint on rides and buildings that DESPERATELY need it. It all starts out at RoS. Seems like all is good, until I realize that the ops were the slowest ops I've ever seen, and they decided to full blown staple everybody to the point where it was painful. Buuuuut, they did get new seatbelts....."yay"? Then I try getting food with my dining pass. The food stands were a joke.....crazily understaffed, no menu boards are on so you have no clue what you can and cannot get, and the line moved at about a person every 10 minutes. Ridiculous. Later in the day, as I'm in line to use my dinner pass, I'm randomly told, at 5:20 (park closed at 6), that the place was closed, AS I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LINE! I then made my way to Viper, with an absurdly long line, but of course two train ops is crazy talk at DL, and on top of that, as I was waiting for the front row, get held up THREE TIMES for "skip the line pass" people, and I'll tell you, people were getting quite angry about that situation. As I head to Tantrum, I notice Mind Eraser's horrendous paint job, but it gets better, now the train looks like hot trash too. Cars 1, 2 and 8 are red, while 3-7 are blue. Honestly looks flat out embarrassing for the park. As I am in line for Tantrum, I notice trains 1 and 3 running, while Train 2 is sitting on the ground, ALREADY attacked for parts. Wow. Only took one year to cannibalize a train. I then decided to just leave along with many other people, all pissed off about how rough of shape the park was in. I was hoping for at least SOME improvement this year, but it honestly looks like the place is even more of a mess under Six Flags management. New Sign, not any other positives to show Ride of Steel still with that "lovely" paint job. Might as well call it the Cotton Candy Coaster at this point
  13. Quick question regarding the dining plan....I purchased it in September last year for the free premium upgrade during the flash sale and I remember having to go to Main Gate Munchies and get receipts for each meal and snack. Is that still the case this year or do I just use my actual pass card at each food stand ( That is...if the POS system is working lol)?
  14. Any pictures of it? But yeah, those toppers are pretty big, likely for the marketing aspect of branding it taller than it really is.
  15. Yeah, tantrum will probably be down to one train already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Knowing hot Darien is, wouldn’t shock me to see Tantrum with one train lol Speaking of second trains, any word about Viper’s second train? It was said that it was almost ready to go on last year, what ever happened with that? Possibility this year?
  16. Target is May 18 Confirmed to me by the park’s Facebook earlier this week. May 18th is the day.
  17. Lol I was thinking the exact same thing...”where is everybody” But honestly, they couldn’t have started this process like a month ago?? Really Six Flags? I don’t quite know how I feel about the red roof on Twister’s queue house. Doesn’t quite look right. Idk maybe it’s just me
  18. So I saw in the Frontier City thread that the park is still using Pepsi products due to some contract agreement. Does this mean SFDL will also carry out using Pepsi this year? Honestly i’d prefer if they had Pepsi instead of coke
  19. Awesome to hear that, at least in FC’s case, Six Flags is actually putting thorough effort into upgrading their newly acquired parks. We’ve seen some of the upgraded signage, renderings of Flash Pass lines, and of course a huge new addition their first season in. As for the sound system, i’d love to see a sound system improvement at Darien. Over the course of the years, the speakers have gotten quite, or are flat out broken and high quality audio really sets a good mood throughout the park. Same goes for theming: this park has had ZERO theming since Six Flags left in the early 2000s, it’s dry, and blah. As I said with sound systems, theming also helps set a good mood through the park. Not let’s just hope maybe Six Flags will fork over a larger maintenance budget for the place, maintenance has been a train wreck for so long st this place. I’m excited to see all the improvements around the place.....hoping to attend opening day!
  20. Alright, decided to DM the park’s Facebook. They are now saying that SkyScreamer is scheduled to open on May 18th.
  21. Wow, even the ordinary people are beginning to question the lack of SkyScreamer content on SFDL’s social media. Get used to it people, Six Flags doesn’t like to really post on their accounts But honestly, is it really that hard to post a picture every so often?? One of the comments on the park’s recent Facebook post.
  22. To support my ideas, it appears that Frontier City just recently switched fully over to the Six Flags official site. Frontier City’s rides are now on the SF page
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